7 Perfect Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement

A kitchen with a table and chairs, perfect remodeling.

Whenever you’re showing off your house, you take people to the kitchen, the new master closet, or the redesigned living room.

  • “I love how big the space is.”
  • “The light in this room is fantastic.”
  • “A kitchen island? That looks amazing!”

Taking someone to your basement doesn’t exactly bring out the same wave of compliments or comments.

  • “Well, the ceiling isn’t too low.”
  • “It doesn’t smell too bad down here.”
  • “This looks like where a horror movie would be filmed.”

For many of us, the basement is a place for storage or utilities and that’s perfectly fine. Your washer, dryer, and water heater have to go somewhere.

But what if you could turn your basement into something different and make it a room where people actually want to visit? What can you turn your basement into?

If you’re on the fence about dialing up a basement remodeling company, then we have some ideas for you below.

Bonus Room

Turn your underground room into an underground bonus room. Chances are, you have an open wall to put a big TV or projector making your place the ideal location for Netflix binge night or the next big game.

A movie room with red chairs.

Just remember to follow the basic rules for purchasing a TV and making sure it’s the right size for your room. Then you might have to do your best to keep people out of your house.

Craft Room

Are you an artist or have little ones who like to tinker around? Turning your basement into an arts and crafts room is plenty easy. Find a big enough table (that you don’t mind getting messy) for your projects.

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A desk and chair in a home office.

Then, it’s a chance for you to get creative with hanging and storing your items around the room. Soon, you won’t ever want to leave your basement.

A Small Kitchen

The best part about adding a kitchen to your basement is getting to do what you want with the rest of the room. But putting in a small kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests in a variety of ways.

A small green kitchen with a black and white checkered floor.
Green and gray together can slay! This perfect kitchen design will actually be the best thing you will do to your house.

Instead of going for a full fridge, put a mini-fridge down there with snacks and drinks. For the adult parties, add a minibar full of your favorite drinks. It’s the perfect addition and adds on something new and fresh to your basement.

Home Office

If you’re someone that works from home, why not install a small home office in part of the basement? Working from home can be tough as many people struggle to put themselves mentally in a work environment.

A desk and chair in a home office.

Even though it may seem silly, walking down the stairs could be the signal your brain needs to enter “work mode”. Once you’re there, it’s time for work and you should only head back upstairs when the day is done.

Home Gym

Ready to break a little sweat in your house? A basement is the perfect chance to set up a small home gym for yourself, including a treadmill and some free weights. If you’re looking to go high-tech, you can purchase one of those new mirrors that comes with a trainer.

A home gym with a lot of equipment and 7 Perfect Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement.

It’s important to make sure you have proper ventilation as you don’t want to be boiling yourself to death in your own basement.

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A Full Utility Room

Yes, yes, we talked about how to make this room fun and enjoyable but your laundry and utility room doesn’t have to resemble the set of the latest horror movie.

This is your chance to co crazy with the design, adding in unique wallpaper, building your own storage area, and making the place look attractive. Just because it may be boring doesn’t mean it has to look bland. Let your creative juices get flowing here!


With the amount of stairs you’d have to be walking up and down every day, it’s best to make this room a guest bedroom. If you don’t want the entire basement to be like this, then add sliding barn doors to create a bit of separation.

If there isn’t one already, you might have to look into installing a bathroom downstairs for your guests. But hey, it’s just another thing to decorate and design. Let your brain go wild with imagination!

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  1. The part of your article that talked about the things to consider when making a basement home gym was definitely my favorite part of the article. Having a gym in the comfort of my own home can keep my family safe while working out and can help those of us who are anxious about working out in front of strangers. I’ll start looking for waterproofing contractors that can help us get our basement ready for the project while I shop for gym equipment.

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