6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard

6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard Deck with Outdoor Furniture.

A relaxing backyard is something many envision for their home.  Enjoying the outdoors in the privacy and convenience of your own backyard is relaxing and, for many, a way of life.  There are ways to improve your outdoor space, making it a place that is welcoming and integral to your daily life.  Here are six top picks for a relaxing backyard to get you on your way.

6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard featuring a patio with a fire pit and seating area.
Cozy backyard seating area (unilock)
  1.  Comfortable Seating Area – A comfortable seating area with a patio umbrella is a must for relaxing in the backyard by yourself or with friends and family.  If you entertain often, a cozy seating area can be a welcome spot for guests.
6 Top Picks for an Outdoor Living Area with a Fireplace.
Relaxing backyard seating area (luxurypools)
6 Top Picks for a Backyard with Fire Pit and Patio Furniture
Comfortable and relaxing outdoor seating area (designcity)

2.  Lighting – Good lighting outdoors can enhance the ambiance and provide necessary illumination.  Hardwire lighting on the deck or patio area and augment that with string lights and candlelight.

6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard featuring a fire pit and string lights.
String lights enhance this outdoor space (Houzz)
6 Top Picks for an Outdoor Kitchen and Fire Pit in a Relaxing Backyard.
Lighting enhances this outdoor space (coloradolandscapedesign)

3.  Dining Area – Al Fresco dining is a pleasure when you have a space dedicated to it.  A nice outdoor dining set with comfortable seating for gatherings of family and friends is a welcome treat.  Build a pergola to surround your dining area or simply set out a casual table and chairs for impromptu meals or cocktails.

6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard featuring a wooden pergola with a table and chairs.
Beautiful outdoor dining (HGTV)
6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard with Patio Table and Chairs.
Relaxing and casual backyard dining (state-homes)

4.  Fire Pit – These days, fire pits are growing in popularity.  You can easily build your own or purchase a portable fire pit.  Either way, fire pits are a great feature for the backyard when relaxing.

6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard featuring a fire pit.
A fire pit is a backyard essential for relaxing nights (beeyoutifullife)
6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard featuring a fire pit on a patio.
Portable fire pit for the backyard (homedecoratorshop)

5.  Water Feature – There is nothing quite as soothing and relaxing as the sound of water flowing.  A water feature can be included in your backyard landscaping to create a tranquil oasis, or you can purchase a portable fountain to place on the deck or patio.

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A backyard with a small stream and a wooden fence, perfect for creating a relaxing retreat.
A water feature enhances the backyard space (modernhomevictoria)
6 Top Picks for a Relaxing Backyard: A water fountain with two bowls in the middle of a yard.
A small fountain enhances backyard relaxation (pondtrademag)

6.  Hammock – A hammock is the ultimate backyard tool for relaxation.  Gently sway under the trees with a hanging hammock or purchase a portable one for the deck or patio.  Taking naps outdoors was never so enjoyable.

Keywords: Relaxing Backyard 
Description: A white hammock hanging in a relaxing backyard.
A hammock for relaxing in the backyard (febox.net)
A relaxing backyard with a hammock on a brick patio and a pillow.
Portable hammock for backyard relaxation (lamidge.net)

The backyard is an oasis for many and can be enhanced further with the addition of comfortable seating, a dining area, lighting, a fire pit, a soothing water feature and a hammock.


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  1. Where can you purchase the small double bowl shaped cement pond pictured above? Want to get this for my garden next summer.

    1. Nancy,
      The bowl shaped cement pond is by Aquascape, Inc. It is called the Spillway Bowl, Basin and Stand. Go to their website at http://www.aquascapeinc.com and download their catalog. The Spillway bowl, basin and stand are on page 83. It lists a manufacturer’s number and a recommended retail price.

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