Minimalist Interior Design is Maximum on Style

A living room with a minimalistic flat screen tv and coffee table.

Minimalist interior design style may seem quite sparse to some but if you look closely, you will find in the details that it is rather expressive and complex.  By using quality furniture and accessories as opposed to quantity, the minimalist interior makes a strong statement.  Here are some examples of how minimalist interior design demonstrates maximum style.

A modern kitchen with minimalist white cabinets and counter tops.
A stylish minimalist kitchen fits seamlessly into this open floor plan (
A white kitchen with minimalist design emphasizing style.
Pure white makes this minimalist kitchen glow (pointny)
A modern living room with concrete walls and a tv showcases minimalist interior design.
Clean lines and minimal décor equals maximum style (4homeinterior)
A living room with a large window showcases minimalist interior design.
Clean and serene minimalist interior (editionchicago)

Architectural details enhance the minimalist interior, lending character and structure.  Unique wall features, niches, dramatic staircases and platforms stand out and provide a backdrop that needs little adornment.

A minimalist bedroom with a bed and a chair.
Niches and special ceiling inserts offer interest in this minimalist design scheme (homivo)
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Curving staircase is the focal point in this minimalist interior (uni-wall)
A living room with a minimalist design featuring a tv and a coffee table.
Unique architectural details enhance this minimalist interior (decorablog)
A living room with a minimalist design featuring a fireplace.
Unique architectural details bring life to minimalist interiors (creativefan)
A maximalist living room with a fireplace and a staircase.
Architectural details steal the scene in minimalist interiors (designinstuct)

Quality versus quantity is the key style formula for minimalist interior design.  Choose furniture pieces that are high quality and fit perfectly into your home.  Select accessories that you really love and that add impact to the overall design.  Clean, simple lines dominate in minimalist style.

A black and white living room with a minimalist interior design.
Quality prevails over quantity in minimalist interiors (
Minimalist Interior Design with Stylish Black and White Furniture.
Quality pieces are integral to minimalist design (
A stylish hotel room with a bed and a desk designed with minimalist interior.
Quality furniture and accessories speak volumes in the minimalist room (3dhousedownload)

Statement pieces make even more impact in minimalist interiors.  A statement piece can be a unique architectural feature or standout artwork.  It can be an item of functional art, such as a chair or table that begs to be noticed.

A stylish spiral staircase leading to a pool.
Curving staircase and indoor pool make a statement in minimalist interior (
A minimalist fireplace in a living room.
This minimalist design allows the view to take center stage, while the fireplace and sculpture add interest (interior-home-design1.blogspot)
3d rendering of a living room with white furniture and yellow accents showcasing minimalist interior design.
Artwork throughout the minimalist interior adds character, color and style (3dhousedownload)

Shots of color infused into the minimalist interior add an instant boost.  A few red pillows in an all-white room make a bold statement and add character.  A large painting or a feature wall bring extra style to the room.

A minimalist living room with a white couch.
Shots of color, by way of artwork and pillows, create interest in minimalist interiors (officehomedesign)
A living room with minimalist interior design and black furniture.
Color injected into a minimalist design adds depth and personality (interiordesign777)
A modern living room with minimalist interior design and red accents.
Red throw pillows accent this minimalist interior (wallpaper)
A minimalist living room with a table and chairs.
Color introduced in small areas of the minimalist interior adds interest (3dhouse777)

Warm colors and texture give the minimalist room character.  With minimal furnishings, texture and color make a major difference in the overall aesthetic.  Brick walls, stone accents and warm wood tones make the space welcoming.  Richly textured rugs and pillows add depth and soften the overall minimalist look.

A minimalist living room with white walls and a TV.
Warm colors and texture make a minimalist design more welcoming (interiordesign777)
A kitchen with minimalist interior design and style.
Warm woods enhance this minimalist kitchen design (descendantdestiny.blogspot)
A modern living room with beige walls and minimalist furniture.
An area rug adds texture to this minimalist design (interiordesign777)
A living room with minimalist furniture and a sleek tv.
Dark woods add warmth to this minimalist design (3dhousedownload)

Using a mix of materials, such as wood and stone, brings a dimensional dynamic to minimalist interiors.  These materials let the room shine, needing less to accent.  Once again, quality is the key.  Splurge on the highest quality materials in the most visual areas of the home.

Creative Do-it-yourself Ideas for Shelves
A wooden ceiling in a kitchen with minimalist interior design.
A variety of materials adds interest to this minimalist kitchen (wholes)
A 3D rendering highlighting the minimalist interior design of a modern house.
A mixture of wood and stone adds interest and texture to this minimalist interior (minimalista)
A modern living room with wooden floors and a minimalist staircase.
Beautiful wood surfaces enhances this minimalist interior (

Minimalist interior design is not minimal in character and quality.  It is a style of decorating that is not for everyone, but if you look closely at the details, you will be surprised at how rich and full minimalist design truly is.  Minimalist design is maximum quality, impact and style.  So, go ahead….take a closer look.



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