7 Amazing Home Bar Ideas Worth Trying Out

Home bar ideas are all over, yet there’s a misconception that home bars can only be in luxurious homes of the rich and this is something both me and you know is a lie.

A home bar should just act like a welcome addition and shouldn’t cost you more. In other words, don’t be a big spender just to create a home bar.

A kitchen with blue cabinets and a marble counter top, perfect for home bar ideas.

And if you never knew this, you can incorporate a home bar by just extending the counter of your kitchen. This will allow you to mount bar stools while also using it as a bar mounter.

In this post, we will talk about some home bar ideas along with their images that you can pick and implement right now. Let’s get started.

1. Globe Bar

A modern kitchen with a home bar and a view of the lake.

Globe bars can help you improve the look of your home bar. And the best of all is that it doesn’t require you to have additional skills to install. Most of them are movable.

2. Bookcase Bar

A modern home bar.

Creative home bar ideas with a central placement.

This is one of the home bar ideas that I really love. With this idea, you can change your bookcase to look like a boozecase. And because bottles and books are almost of the same size, your boozecase will look lovely.

3. Liquor Cabinet

Out of the home bar ideas we are going to discuss here, this is the simplest one and you can do it right now. All you have to do is to include a cabinet in your home bar and add some liquor.

Additionally, this will depend on what you want to add in your cabinet. There’s no limitation – get creative and include any liquor that you feel might be a good addition to your liquor cabinet.

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4. Bottle Cap Backsplash

A gray and gold living room with a home bar.

You can save on this one. Look instead of littering your floor with the bottle caps, why don’t you make good use of them by reusing them in your home bar. Sure, it will not just save you money, but also incorporate a sense of creativity.

5. TV Bar

Image source: Margarita Bravo

People love to watch their favorite TV shows while drinking. Why not include a TV stand where you can mount a TV and allow people to enjoy their favorite action movies or soccer?

6. Home Bar Signs

You need to lead users so they know exactly where your home bar is located. Include some signage and let them be creative and good-looking. You can check the one below to help you get creative with yours as well.

7. Old Piano Bar

A kitchen with a home bar and wood beams.

Sure, there are a couple of musically-driven drinkers, and that means that including a piano will be a great addition. This will entertain drinkers and make them enjoy their stay at your home bar.

Bottom Line

When you landed on this post, you were looking for home bar design ideas that can help you improve yours and you have a list of ideas you can choose from. One caution, though. Your ideas are good too. Always be sure to test your ideas and see if they could please other people.

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