Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Home Warranty

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Our home is the safest place on the planet, and no wonder that is why we like to call it a haven. It provides us with all the comfort that one needs at the end of the day and keeps us safe from external threats. Our home is something that we can always count on. But, our home is not just a structure made up of sticks and stones. It is alive even though it might not breathe life.

And therefore, our haven needs to be able to count on us too. And the best way to offer protection to our houses is by getting our hands on the best home warranty and home insurance plans available in the market. And even though the two might seem and sound like the same concept, they are vividly different from each other.

People often mistake a home warranty to be similar to a home insurance plan, and this is what you must refrain from doing. You need to have a home warranty even if you have the proper home insurance policy put in place. And if you are confused about how to go about purchasing a home warranty, this article might be able to help you fight your way through the confusion.


The Difference between a Home Warranty and a Home Insurance Policy:

Before we care to venture into the means of acquiring a home warranty, we must learn to be able to tell the difference between a home warranty and a home insurance plan. A home warranty is a contract that homeowners have with a home warranty company, which makes the homeowner entitled to receive discounted repairing and replacement services on major home components until they fall within the warranty period. Home insurance, on the other hand, helps homeowners to pay for structural damages or any consequential loss suffered like theft, fire or damages. These two are entirely different concepts, and homeowners must have access to both the plans.

6 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Home Warranty Plan

How to Acquire a Decent Home Warranty Coverage?

Now that we have covered the basic difference between a home warranty and a home insurance plan, we shall now provide some information about the different ways in which you can acquire home warranty coverage. There are several bodies that offer home warranties, information of which you can get on House Method, and you must be wise enough to choose the service provider that offers the best perks. We have gathered a few points to ease the process for you.

Home Builders-

There are a few home builders that provide decent home warranty coverage to homeowners, especially if you have had a new home built. The home warranty provided by this entity is usually restricted to electrical devices, plumbing and other basic house structures.

Real Estate Agencies-

Real estate agencies also, at times, provide a few home warranty plans if you happen to buy a property through them. However, these plans are usually a very basic level plan and might not suffice for the extensive repairing and replacement services. So you might have to do a bit more digging and find a warranty that suits your requirements the best.

Property Seller-

The seller who sells you the property might also be able to provide you with a lucrative deal on a home warranty. Providing home warranties serve as an advantageous trade for the sellers and is mutually beneficial to the seller as well as the homeowner. You could sit with your seller (or broker) and work out a plan that fits your bill the best.

In a Nutshell:

Having access to a home warranty is imperative, and the best way to make the most out of your home warranty is by learning how to gauge the perks provided by different service providers. There are plenty of service providers in the market, and you cannot just pick any one among them without proper research. Hopefully, this article is enough to provide a head-start about where you could go looking for the perfect home warranty, so that your haven is protected at all costs and at all times.

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