Prevent Losses By Insuring Your Property

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If you have experienced any damage to your property for a variety of reasons, then usually you would be able to claim for any damages on your insurance policy. However, many people do not understand the basics of property damage insurance and whether certain types of problems can be claimed under a particular type of policy.

If you are worried about your home insurance policy, then you should consider these various factors which will help you to understand whether you are covered for a particular type of claim. This is especially pertinent given the large levels of flooding which have occurred around the country over the last few years and the rise in insurance claims during the same period.

Water damage

Over the last decade, claims for water damage to properties have risen significantly while this particular type of property damage can cause structural problems and serious issues for owners of affected properties. Indeed, many of the claimants for water damage have assumed that their insurance policies will be adequate to cover any damage to the property from various types of water. However, you should also understand the various types of water damage which can occur as well as understand whether these apply to your particular insurance policy.

Types of damage

Generally, property insurance will cover the problem of water damage which can occur to the structure of your commercial or residential building. However, you should understand that the various types of water damage are treated differently by the insurance companies. One of the most widespread types of damage its accidental discharge which occurs when water overflows or leaks into your home as a result of a broken water pipe. In addition, if a structural failure occurs and water leaks in your home, you may also be able to claim against your home insurance policy.

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Sewer problems

Furthermore, water damage can be caused by sewers becoming blocked. However, this particular type of water damage is not treated in the same way as a burst pipe by insurance companies. Indeed, clean water damage as previously noted, is generally covered under home insurance policies.

However, dirty water, which involves septic tanks, drains or other forms of recycled water can be considered as a different type of claim by insurance companies. Therefore, before making your claim, you should call for advice about property damage in Watford while your local insurance experts can give you advice about your particular claim.


Over the last few decades, the problem of flooding has become even more prominent, especially given climate change and the fact that several rivers have flooded after significant periods of rainfall.

Therefore, if you are worried about flood damage to your home, then you should consider contacting your insurance company to determine whether the location in which you live is susceptible to flooding and whether you need to take out any extra insurance to cover this particular risk.

Therefore, in conclusion to prevent issues occurring in the event of an insurance claim for property damage, you should consider these various situations and understand the differences between them so that you do not encounter any problems in the future.

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