5 Smart Upgrades to Help Senior Citizens Remain Home

A collage of senior citizens with a walker and wheelchair.

Senior citizens are a quickly growing part of our population. As the baby boomers age, we find new questions that must be answered. Will the home be safe enough? Or, how will they handle household chores? You can address some of these concerns by making smart upgrades that will increase security and safety for senior citizens.

5 Smart Upgrades for Homes of Senior Citizens

Gutter Guards

Falls are the leading household hazard for seniors. They cause injury or death. Keep seniors off of ladders by installing gutter guards. These guards will keep debris, leaves, and bird nests from clogging the gutters. Therefore, they minimize the need to climb a ladder for maintenance.

A senior citizen using a ladder on a roof.
You can install gutter guards for your aging parents in just one afternoon.|Photo: gutterbrush.com
A senior citizen cleaning the gutters of a house.
It’s an easy DIY project. |Photo: gutterbrush.com

Wide Open Spaces

Just as falls from ladders are dangerous, trips inside the home send seniors to the emergency room. Remove overly crowded furniture so that senior citizens can walk through the room without tripping. Because area rugs are a trip hazard, remove them or tack down the edges. Rethinking a room for safety is the easiest DIY project you can do to make the space safer.

A white living room illuminated by a skylight.
This fresh white living room is free of trip hazards and clutter. | Photo: decoratingfiles.com
A group of senior citizens sitting on a couch.
Not only is a wide, open space safer, it creates social opportunities for seniors. | Photo: hometiptop

Create A Safe Patio

Create a flat, safe patio space. Because the fresh air and sunshine brightens the mood, it’s important that senior citizens have space to spend time outdoors. Make sure patio pavers are flat, concrete isn’t cracked, and grassy areas are free of tripping hazards.

An elderly woman using a walker to walk in a park, Senior citizens.
Because you need to plan for the future, consider walker or wheelchair accessibility. | Photo: hometiptop.com
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A few comfortable chairs on the patio make a homey place to relax | Photo: Decoist

Install Bathroom Grab Bars

Consider the installation of bathroom handrails aka grab bars. Of course, you need these both in the shower and around the commode. This will keep seniors steady on wet, slippery surfaces!

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A senior citizen is holding a shower handle.
Grab bars help seniors get their footing. | vivehealth.com
A senior woman in a bathrobe standing next to a bathtub.
In fact, this is an absolute must-have! | Photo: aliexpress.com

Consider Container Gardening

When the time comes for your senior citizen to give up her large herb garden, think about container gardening. This option allows you to place containers anyplace that’s safely accessible to your loved ones.

Container gardening with basil plants in a pot.
Sweet basil grows in a deck container | Photo: vegetablegardener.com
A container gardening planter with lettuce and other vegetables.
The Stacking Container Garden assembles in minutes!|Photo: Overstock.com

Make these easy upgrades to keep your favorite senior safer. Indeed, he will enjoy the comforts of home.

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