Cheerful Paint Colours for your Walls

A living room with turquoise paint.

Paint colour can change the whole dimension for your room and your emotions. It has always been said that the paint colour that you choose for your room have an alarming effect on the environment of your room as well as your own emotions and feelings.

A bedroom with purple walls and a white bed has been painted.According to designer Peter Vaughn who started out as a painter, the colour lavender gives a room depth and richness. The paint colour lavender reflects light well and this colour is very common in the houses of Scandinavia. Especially during the depth of winters, this colour looks very cheerful when you enter a room.

Pink walls painted in a dining room.When you hear about someone painting a room pink you make give that person a disgusted look. But pink has its own charm if it is used appropriately. According to designer Suzanne Kasler pink is a strong colour therefore one should paint one wall in pink colour. Pink with a tinge of raspberry gives an undertone which makes a room sickeningly sweet and makes everyone look younger including the house.

A living room with turquoise paint.Turquoise is a happy colour because of how it is saturated. The intensity and depth of this colour gives it a chic, European look. This colour takes a person present in the room to different places and makes a person calm and at peace. If the mouldings and the walls are painted in turquoise paint the room will have a more architectural look rather than decorative.

A living room with green walls painted white.If you look at a room which is painted in soft-green you may find the word cute coming to your mind to describe it. Soft-green may remind you of green-grass and green-trees. Green has a soothing effect and it is considered to be a happy colour because it is a natural colour. The light streaming through the windows make this colour more yellow during the day and when the sun goes down it becomes blue. Soft-green is considered to be a fascinating colour as it is warm and cool at the same time.

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