Pet Friendly Design Ideas

A pet-friendly living room with a dog crate.

Although a beautiful home and an energetic furry friend seem like opposites, there are ways in which you can have the stylish home of your dreams while owning your favorite pal. A dog is an integral member of your family. They put a smile on your face and console you during your worst moment. It’s expected you would want to provide the perfect living space for your beloved pet. There are essentials that you should include in their little den. Besides the necessities like regular grooming and pet visits, you also need to sign up with insurance for pets with the best and most affordable offers. Bivvy pet insurance is an example of such a company. It has affordable prices and services appropriate for you.

There are several methods you can make use of to ensure a clean home with personality and a happy pet.


Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

There are several fabrics you’ll want to stay away from while in search of a pet friendly design, such as those that easily tear or stain. You’ll also want to steer clear from colors that show imperfections or animal hair, like white. Instead, going with solid color close to your pet’s coat is best, while adding pizzazz and patterned designs in pillows, curtains and other accent pieces.

Leather is a common fabric that is used by pet owners. Some also choose to use furniture that comes with washable covers in order to clean the fabric. Besides these, there has been a new, pet-friendly material created called Crypton, which was conceptualized by William Wegman, a pet photographer.

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Having a pet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having beautiful flooring. The flooring most use with pets is hardwood, with additions of decorative area rugs in some areas. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are other possibilities so that your fashion taste and pet can live in harmony. Some of these options include: ceramic tile, regular tile, or other non-porous material. If you truly desire carpeting, then wall-to-wall isn’t recommended. Rather, separable/ removable carpet tiles are the best pet friendly design option, as you only have to remove the soiled piece and replace it with another.


A dog-friendly living room with a dog kennel.

Hiding the Dog’s Belongings Stylishly

The Crate– For those that decide to use a crate with their pet, this often present an issue. One unique pet friendly design to hide this bulky item is to build in into a piece of furniture. You can have it be the bottom portion of a nightstand, part of the underbelly of a table or secretly hidden within a built-in wall unit. Of course, you’ll want to make sure they are placed safe and sturdily, to prevent possible breaks, but these can be wonderful ways to hide the crate.

Food and water bowls– Tired of tripping and slipping over the dog bowls? Try attaching a food dispenser on the side of your island or by the door. If this isn’t what’s best for your needs, try creating a pullout drawer at the bottom of a cabinet in your kitchen. This way you just pull it out when it’s feeding time.

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Leashes and outfits– These can be stylishly tucked away on a hanging organizer. You can place this at the entryway, in your mudroom, or on the backside of a closet door in order to keep your house clutter- free.

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