8 Great Ways to Add Shimmer and Luster to Your Home

A modern kitchen with a chandelier and bar stools, adding shimmer and luster to your home.

There is something quite magical about shimmery and lustrous interiors.  Elegant, sophisticated and even a bit romantic, rooms are instantly elevated with lustrous surfaces and accents.  Here are eight great ways to add shimmer and luster to your home.

A living room with couches, chairs and a coffee table that adds shimmer and luster.
Living room with shimmer (jamesrixner.idesignbook)

A mirrored wall, shimmering fabrics and gold accents give this room a lustrous look.  The mirror opens up the room and reflects light to bring this room alive with a rich, shimmery aesthetic.

A living room with two chairs and a mirror showcasing great ways to add shimmer and luster to your home.
Add luster with gold accents and mirrors (downtownmagazinenyc)
  1. Metallic stools serve as a burst of shine.  Use a group of smaller stools as a coffee table or use individually as a side table to augment seating.
A living room with yellow furniture and a painting featuring shimmer and luster.
Metallic décor adds brilliance to the living room (metallic-interior)
A gold barrel side table in a living room adds shimmer to your home.
A gold garden stool brings a touch of shine (designcollective.co.za)

2. Lustrous fabrics bring elegance and shimmer to rooms.  Silk, satin and velvet seating or curtain panels give a room rich appeal.  Accent with mirrored, glass and metallic pieces.  A glistening chandelier or candles further enhance the glow.

A living room with beige and green furniture featuring shimmer and luster.
Glass and mirrored accents add shimmer to the living room (chestnutpark)
A living room with blue and beige furniture featuring shimmer and luster.
Shimmering velvet fabrics bring richness to this interior (decoholic)
A living room with blue walls and a chandelier adding shimmer to your home.
Shimmering silver adds luster to this living room (Pinterest)
A bedroom with a bed.
Glamorous room highlighted with shimmering surfaces (HGTV)

An acrylic mantle, shimmery wallpaper and a classic velvet sofa with plenty of soft pillows give this room a glamorous appeal.

A living room with green wallpaper and a fireplace, shimmering and lustrous.
Acrylic pieces and velvet add shimmer (mimosalaneblog.blogspot)

3. Gloss paint brings shine and dimension to a room.  Add a mirror and a few metallic pieces for additional shine and depth.

A living room with blue walls and a fireplace featuring shimmer and luster.
Gloss paint adds shine to this living room (HGTV)

4. Luxurious and elegant, metallic surfaces on furniture lend a sophisticated shine to rooms.  Wallpaper with a lustrous finish gives rooms a boost of shimmery elegance.

A shimmering gold and black dresser with a lustrous lamp in front of it.
Luster wallpaper and furniture bring glamour to interiors (Pinterest)
A room with a gold dresser and a chair adds shimmer and luster to your home.
Shimmery silver painted furniture adds glamour (Houzz)
Two chairs in front of a mirror adding shimmer to your home.
Luster wallpaper is a great way to bring glamour to interiors (blog.decoratorsbest)

5. Mirrors are a simple and beautiful way to add shimmer to your interiors.  Add one to the entry hall, above the fireplace or create a wall display with mirrors.  Use wall sconces along with mirrors to add further shimmer.

A living room with a console table.
Mirrors can add shimmer to interiors (howtodecorate)
A group of mirrors on a wall adding shimmer to your home.
Mirrors and metallic surfaces to add shimmer to interiors (room-decorating-ideas)

6. Metallic wall hangings add instant interest and shimmer to interiors.

A home office with a wooden desk and bookshelves featuring shimmer and luster.
Metallic wall hangings bring shine to this home office (Houzz)

7. Lighting, especially metallic pendant lights, enhance the kitchen and dining room.  Try the popular and trend-setting rose gold to complement the colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity.  Use metallic silver to play against black stainless steel or bright gold to add warmth.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Metallic Wallpaper
A dining room with a pink table and chairs adds shimmer and luster to your home.
Rose gold light globes bring shimmer to this interior (lushome)
A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a black vase adds shimmer and luster to your home.
Silver pendant lights adds shine to the kitchen (Houzz)
A modern kitchen with a wooden counter top featuring shimmer and luster.
This kitchen glows with metallic surfaces (HGTV)

8. Decorative tile in shimmering gold, silver and copper give an instant boost to the kitchen backsplash.

A kitchen with a stainless steel oven and a silver backsplash that adds shimmer and luster to your home.
Metallic tile in the kitchen for shimmer (Pinterest)

Every room in the home is enhanced with a shimmery or lustrous surface or accent.  Try metallic accent furniture in the living room, along with mirrors and elegant velvet or silk upholstery and window treatments.  Add metallic or shimmery tiles in the kitchen, along with bold metallic pendant lights.  Display mirrors throughout your home to shine and reflect.  Whatever you decide, enjoy the glow.

A purple bedroom with a chandelier and a bed exuding shimmer and luster.
Luxurious bedroom (arcadianhome)


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