Why You Should Consider a Backup Power Generator for Your Home?

A red power generator sits on the grass in front of a house.

There are many circumstances we can control in life, but it doesn’t include weather conditions. We can sometimes predict their occurrence accurately, but no one can stop them nor prevent the damages they leave in their wake. For instance, scientists may forecast that there’ll be hurricanes, thunderstorms or tornadoes at a particular time but they can’t control them. That’s why you must do what you can to reduce the damages from these occurrences in your home. 

One of the effects of adverse weather condition such as thunderstorm is a power outage. Every home needs the power to function or be comfortable at least. If we can’t use the bare necessities such as light, electronics, cooking appliances, and even the HVAC system during a thunderstorm, one may likely give in to misery. Also, many people have been killed due to accidents that occurred in darkness as a result of a power outage. What about the cost you’ll bear for the damages to your home?

 So, the best thing is to consider a backup power generator before the next outage. With a backup power generator, your home will continue to function even if the public light fails to come back for a few days. 

Benefits of keeping a backup generator around

No home should exist without a backup power generator. This machine has many benefits to offer your family, such as:

  1.   It provides backup power

One good reason to buy a power generator is to supply power when there’s an outage. Given that no one can predict when such events will occur or the number of days it’ll last, the prudent decision to make will be to prepare for it. Once the power goes off, your generator can resupply lights immediately, and every appliance goes on working. 

  1.   Food preservation

Sometimes we go for shopping and buy groceries and other perishables to last us some days before the next time. What if there’s an emergency power outage due to weather conditions, what will you do? Are you willing to lose all the money used in stocking your refrigerator? I didn’t think so! But wait! What if the storm prevents you from leaving your home for a few days, will you allow your foods to spoil and die of starvation? The answer is no! So, with your backup power generator handy, you can still enjoy your life as usual.

  1.   Keeps your pipes safe

Power outages during winter seasons can be devastating. Apart from the cold, you’ll have to bear; it could lead to burst pipes also. When your home temperature drops to a threatening level, it can freeze up your pipes and eventually cause them to burst, thereby increasing the damages and the associated costs. Also, you need heat mostly during the winter, and if you lost power, life could become too unbearable for everyone in the family. So, you need to keep a generator around to prevent it. 

  1.   Keeps sump pump and HVAC system running

Without a backup power generator during outages, your sump pump may fail and cause flooding in the house. Also, you need the HVAC system to continue running smoothly so that the temperature will be as comfortable as before. So, get one today and save yourself from headaches. 

  1.   Gives you calm

If you have a backup generator and happen to be away when a storm hit, you can relax your mind knowing that your family will be okay. At least you’ll know that they’re not in darkness and everything they need will still be functioning properly. Also, if you are in your home when a power outage occurs, you’ll relax in your home during the days it’ll take for the power to come back. So, instead of hightailing it away from your home due to power issues, get a backup generator today. 

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Backup Power Generator Options to Consider

 Now that you’ve seen the importance of keeping of these machines handy let’s check out the options out there for you. 

  1.   Portable Vs. Fixed Generators

The portable types are very affordable, and they can provide power whenever there’s an outage. They’re suitable for areas that rarely experience power outages. However, the fixed type is more expensive but turns on automatically when there’s no power. 

  1.   Fuel types

The natural gas & propane generators are very efficient, but if there’s damage to supply lines, they’ll stop working. Gasoline & diesel generators require more attention because you’ll need to keep gas or diesel around as well for emergencies. 

  1.   Cooling method

There’re the air-cooled generators, and the liquid-cooled types as well. Air-cooled types have fans that draw and exhaust air while the liquid-cooled uses a radiator system. While the air-cooled can be affordable and easy to maintain, their power supply is lower than the expensive and hard-to-maintain liquid-cooled generators. So, your choice will depend on the capacity you need for your home. 


Every family needs a backup power generator to keep them safe, happy, and functioning even when there’s a power outage. Some people may complain that the traditional generators are cumbersome, heavy, and expensive. Don’t worry; there’s another option-inverter generator which Power Tools Geek offer. With any of the types available, you can spend less, but enjoy more. 

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