10 Clever Ideas to Use Bedroom Furniture for Storage

Bed between ladder and plant in green boho bedroom

Space efficiency is often the top priority for small bedroom owners that want to keep everything within reach, while maintaining a clutter-free room. Even if your bedroom is sizeable enough, you can make better use of the space by cleverly making use of the furniture you cannot live without, such as the bed, headboard and side table. Read on for some great tips on how you can create more storage with bedroom furniture.

1. Use a desk as a nightstand

Adding more purpose to a furniture piece can enable you to replace two items with one. Make that appropriately sized reading table dual-purpose by moving it beside your bed and placing some flowers on top to make it double as a side-table.

Bedroom desk as a nightstand

2. Reclaim empty wall space with shelves

Is the area around your headboard or windows free? Use shelves as frames and add more storage, as well as aesthetics.

Empty bedroom wall space with shelves

3. Storage bench

If you barely have any usable space between the foot of your bed and the wall, make better use of it with a storage bench. You can place anything, from extra pillows and blankets to books and candles neatly on top.

Bedroom storage bench with books

4. Floating furniture

No floor space for a traditional nightstand or vanity? Mount one on the wall and you will be good to go. Floating furniture frees up the floor, giving your bedroom an open, airy feel.

Creative Alternatives to the Headboard

Floating desk cover

5. Storage behind the door

If you don’t have appropriate space for small items like handbags or ties, use hooks and mounted baskets to make your door do double duty.

Storing items behind the bedroom door

6. Baskets under the bed

If your bed has some clearance from the floor, go shopping for some appropriately designed baskets to tuck away clutter while adding texture to your bedroom

Baskets under the bed

7. Shelf-desk combos

Do not leave the space above your desk empty. Put a fitting shelf on top for some much-needed additional storage.

Shelf-desk combos

8. Ottoman storage beds

Beds are the most cumbersome piece of furniture in most bedrooms. If you cannot trade in the comfort of your king-size bed for the space to place a cabinet, why not get a bed with storage space under the mattress?

Ottoman storage beds

9. Mirrored door wardrobes

A modern-looking wardrobe with a sliding mirror for a door not only enhances your space visually, but also eliminates the need to accommodate floor space for swinging doors.

Mirrored door wardrobes

10 Multi-tiered accessories

If your dresser is constantly filling up with clutter, replace your single-level placement plates with multi-tiered ones. Get one that also acts as an intriguing design piece to style up your room.

Multi-tiered bedroom accessories

When space is a concern, it can be challenging to maximize functionality while keeping your furniture at a minimum. Let the inspiring suggestions above be your guide towards creating more storage in your bedroom.


  1. Wow, I never knew there were such things as storage beds that could add even more space for items when you run out of places to put them in your drawers. This could help solve the problem we currently have with our bedroom as most of our appliances and beauty products take up so much space that they’ve started to clutter up the room. If I can find a furniture store that sells these kinds of beds, I’ll definitely get one and replace our current bed with it.


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