10 Bed Designs Out Of Your Imagination That Will Surprise You

The bedroom is the second most private room in the house, the first in the bathroom. But for those who use it, it is also a personal sanctuary where he renews energies, takes refuge, dreams, plans, ventures and can be himself. And inside that sanctuary, the bed is like the main altar.

The favorite place of many that give us physical support, and often emotional too, because there is no shelter as warm and comfortable as her.

Therefore, the bedding is a key piece in the decoration of the bedroom, and to help you have the perfect bed, we have put together 10 designs that seem to have been from a dream. Your bed will be your new favorite place in the world!

1. A private space (with sliding doors)

A black and white living room with a TV.
Bedroom Design To Keep Space Free Using A Sliding Door

To have the perfect rest, some people need more than a comfortable bed. They also need a quiet environment, eliminate distractions, low light and silence. If you are one of those people, then this bed is perfect for you.

You will be able to isolate yourself from all the exterior and to dedicate exclusive time to your rest simply by sliding the door. It is also perfect for single-room apartments, or loft-like environments where the boundaries of each space can be seen faded.

2. Relax with style

A bed with a tufted headboard.
A Little Bit Of Styling With White Bed Sheets That Looks Elegant

If you love elegance and comfort, this bed base is everything you’ve always wanted. A more colonial design, with a caption in the headboard that makes it look pompous, and at the same time very comfortable for the padded surface.

In addition, you can use the base with leather covering, for modern environments, or fabric for rustic spaces. And to give the final touch, do not forget to complement your base with a skirting, carpets, cushions, and bedding with soft colors.

Designer Focus: Kelly Wearstler

3. A hanging bed

A bed on a deck.
A Hanging Bed That Gives The Feel Of Lying On Air

With this bed, you can rest and feel yourself floating while you sleep. This pendant design is perfect for giving a bedroom a fun and cheerful appearance, in addition to the materials that help us create a fresh and light atmosphere. And the best thing is that you will not need to add anything else to space, because the personality of this base is so strong that it manages to fill the room completely.

A bedroom with a bed.
Creating A Rustic Bed Is Awesome For Your REsting Mood

4. A rustic bed with an imposing personality (the star of the bedroom)

This bed is a perfect mix of nature and comfort. It is as if you had searched all the elements of a forest, you will take the best of each of them and then reduce it to beautiful objects that come together to create decorative poetry towards nature.

The wood of the base of the bed that is perfectly combined with the colors of the textiles and the cushions create the perfect dynamic between strength and comfort that you need for complete rest.

5. Totally wood!

A bedroom with a bed and nightstand.
Totally Wooden Furniture In the Bedroom ake The Feeling Os Staying With Nature

This bedding design is ideal for a large bedroom because it takes a lot of extra space to allow you to leave a surplus surface at the base, but if you have the possibility do not hesitate a minute to have a bed like that.

In this case, the design is simple, but the lighting and the texture of the wood make the lines and the color of the space become a warm, cozy and even romantic. Perfect for the master bedroom in any house.

6. Ecological (and easy to do)

A woman resting on a bed in a cozy bedroom.
Making The Bed Ecological Is Very Easy And Refreshing

For those who love the environment, who prefer the ecological, we have an excellent option: a bed base made of pallets. In order to create it, you will need some pallets, sandpaper, nails, and sealants. You can also paint the color of your preference to give more personality to space, or you can leave the wood in its natural color to make the environment more relaxed.

Kitchen Islands – Centerpiece of the Kitchen

7. A round bed like a magazine!

A modern bedroom with a circular bed.
A Round Bed Tremendously Differentiate You From Others

The bedding is the place where we dream, and in that alternate universe everything is possible but, why not bring a bit of that possibility to the design? We could, for example, go beyond the traditional and have a circular bed like the one in the image, or in an irregular way, as we have always dreamed. It will be the perfect space to sleep, meditate, read or simply pass the time!

8. Bed and desk, how are you?

A white bed with a desk and chair.
Together Bed And Desk Really Looks Intelligent

In comics, we can always see how people’s ideas happen over their heads, in small white clouds, and with the design of this bed, you can see how your plans are transformed into reality right over your head!

An incredible and innovative design perfect for those who have to take work home or to create a study to do homework for young people. And with the lighting under the bed, and on the steps, you can better illuminate your mind and your ideas!

9. On a padded and silk-covered base

A bed with built-in drawers.
Bed On A Padded And Silk-covered Base Looks Really Elegant

Can you imagine what it would be like to sleep on the softest mattress in the world? Well, you could enjoy it if the base of your bed is as comfortable as the mattress itself. This design proposes the possibility of placing our bed on a rigid base covered with cushions and fabric, like a massive armchair in which we go to sleep. So you will no longer fear falling out of bed if you get to roll at night.

10. A real bed!

A bedroom with a white canopy bed.
A Bed That Represents The Old Royal Family Touch Is Not Bad But Create Good Feeling Inside

When we are little we like to imagine that we are part of the royal family and that we have an army of subjects at our service, but when we grow up we realize that reality is a little different, and we probably can not live in a huge castle, but At least we can rest in a royal bed with a design like this. In addition, the choice of curtains and the details of painting on the ceiling makes everything look like a real palace.

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