5 Tips to Maintain a Cool and Comfortable Bedroom

A comfortable bedroom with gray walls.

To be functioning at your best, you need a good night’s sleep, not just once in a while, but as often as possible each week. One of the most significant factors that influence your sleep quality is your environment. Fortunately, it’s something in your control and, with a few changes, it is easy to get right.

With a little work across the year, you can maintain a space that’s conducive to rest and relaxation. Take a look at these five tips for maintaining a bedroom that’s cool, comfortable, and allows you to greet a new day with renewed energy.

1. Maintain Appliances

Your bedroom doesn’t require as much professional maintenance as your kitchen or bathroom. Those rooms have several appliances and plumbing that need to work 24/7. However, there’s one piece of kit that’s essential when it comes to keeping the room comfortable.

Your AC unit needs to adjust the temperature, so it’s just right for sleeping. That’s why an air conditioning tune-up should be a priority on your bedroom maintenance list. Checking and pleasing filters and repairing faults will mean your unit will provide cool air without making unusual noises that keep you awake at night.

2. Declutter

When you first designed your bedroom, it was probably the ideal space; a room full of simple and clean lines and soothing colors. These attributes prevent overstimulation so that any time in the space feels restorative. However, that peace is easily disrupted.

Over time, you’ll likely start amassing new objects in your space, your closet might get untidy, or items aren’t returned to their original home. Once a month or every few months, it’s worth planning a declutter session. It could involve relocating some objects, tidying them out of site, or donating unwanted shoes, clothes, and other items to Goodwill.

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3. Mattress Care

In your bedroom, your mattress is doing a lot of the hard work. Healthy adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep a night. However, that won’t be possible in an uncomfortable bed. Investing in a quality mattress is key, but you can extend the life of this most precious item by taking care of it.

Besides regularly cleaning your bed linen, you can take other steps in mattress care. Using a mattress protector delays inevitable wear and tear. Pulling back your bedlinen regularly will allow it to breathe. Finally, rotating it from top to bottom and flipping it over will ensure even usage.

4. Clean Hard-to-reach Places

A regular cleaning schedule will get to most parts of your bedroom. However, there are a few spots in the space that are awkward, hard to reach, or just ignored as they aren’t in your eye line. However, the accumulation of dust and dirt will affect your enjoyment of the space.

A monthly or bi-monthly bedroom maintenance list should include more in-depth cleaning routines, such as wiping blind slats, vacuuming curtains, and cleaning window frames. You might also want to add in six-monthly or yearly tasks for deep cleaning of rugs and carpets. These actions will also maintain the quality of your furnishings for longer.

A cozy attic bedroom with a comfortable bed.

5. Exterior Maintenance

Understandably, your focus will be on the interior of your room. However, the exterior of your property also needs some love and maintenance, as it can have a significant impact on your comfort. The roof and guttering are particularly crucial aspects to keep you warm and dry in your bedroom.

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Water damage is third on the list of most–costly claims for insurance. Maintaining clear gutters and inspecting and repairing any roof damage can help you avoid getting to that stage. Besides the cost, the stress and inconvenience of leaks and water ingress should make exterior maintenance a priority.

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