Air Conditioning Maintenance Troubleshooting and Repair Services in Murphy Texas

An air conditioning unit undergoing maintenance on the side of a building.

If you are somewhat handy and are able to follow written directions, it may not be necessary to hire a professional to tackle some of the difficulties that arise with your HVAC equipment. You may be able to get your HVAC system up and running again if you know how to fix some of the most typical problems.

Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot or Mild Air

When the thermostat is adjusted properly, the air conditioner should blow cold air instead of warm or hot air. It’s possible that the air filter in your system is blocked up. Examining the filter will consistently be the quickest and most straightforward part of the process. In such a case, the water may not be draining properly from your condensate drain line, the refrigerant level may be low, or the unit may be leaking.

Air Filters That Are Unclean or That Have Been Installed Incorrectly

Changing the air filters in your HVAC system should be part of a regular maintenance routine that you can reasonably anticipate. If you are late, there is a chance that the filter may get clogged. Activities such as igniting a wood-burning fireplace or doing work inside may cause the filters to get clogged more quickly. Take off and get rid of the filter that’s already there. Replace the filter with a fresh one. Ensure that the indications on the filter are pointing in the correct direction by turning the filter so that the appropriate direction is highlighted.

Blocked Condensate Line

Any service panel should be removed so that you can see and access the line and drip pan. Once the threaded plug has been removed, vent the space. Remove any debris using a wet-mode professional vacuum to clean out the drain. Remove any obstructions from the drain pipe’s end using the shop vacuum.

Freon levels too low or leaking

If you think the coolant level is low or that there may be a leak, you should contact an HVAC professional like DT AC maintenance services in Murphy TX. The technician will conduct a test to determine whether or not there is a leak. In the event that leaks are located, repairs may be made to them. This allows the technician to.

In the event that it is required, you should also replenish the refrigerant. Make sure you don’t try to refill the refrigerant yourself.


Electricity provides the propulsion for the blowers used in gas furnaces. There is a possibility that the fan will not operate even if the gas has been switched on. Check the panel that supplies the electricity to see whether any of the breakers have been tripped. In the event that this is the situation, you will need to turn the breaker counterclockwise, and then clockwise until it clicks into place.

In the Event That Your Temperature Regulator Is Not Operating Correctly

Possible Root Causes

Unless the temperature gauge works, the HVAC system won’t. The temperature gauge serves as the primary controller for the whole system. Each and every thermostat has to be powered. Thermostats may be powered by either batteries or a low voltage wire, or both. If the power goes off, the thermometer won’t work. The temperature settings on thermostats aren’t always set properly. It’s possible that yours was placed in an area that got a lot of direct sunlight or was next to a room that was kept cool by a draft.

Alternative Courses of Action

Dead Batteries

If the thermostat relies on a battery for electricity, the very first thing that needs to be done is to replace the battery with a brand new one.

High Power Despite the Low Voltage

To determine whether or not the thermostat includes a low wattage wire (ttps://, remove the front plate and unscrew the screws that are fastening it to the wall. To check that the wires are properly connected, gently pull the gadget in the other direction. Wires with plastic covers on their ends were sometimes seen. It won’t break the bank to replace the line leading to the thermostat, but getting it wired properly so that it works with the heating system might be challenging.

Concerns Regarding the Position of The Thermostat

Without having to move the thermostat, you may modify the conditions that are causing it to malfunction by, for instance, hanging curtains to stop the sun’s rays from entering the room.

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