Ways to Make Your House Eco-Friendly in Florida

A eco-friendly wicker basket filled with various items.

Today, the problem of global warming is gaining momentum and is becoming more serious all over the globe, particularly in Florida. The concept “ecofriendly” has become firmly embedded in our everyday life. More and more people are trying to change their way of life so that it stops being harmful to the environment. Doing the basics, for instance recycling rubbish, only few try to embrace the wider picture and encourage a more sustainable way of life.

Humanity has been harming the environment for centuries. Thus, instead of using a bicycle most of us prefer using cheap cars for rental today.  Because car rental services became easily available almost in every corner of the globe, in every airport, particularly Budget Orlando airport. Today it’s high time to start protecting our planet from man-made damage. There are numerous ways for every person to contribute to the process of the planet recovery by means of reducing the negative effect caused by our daily lives.

Among different areas of our lives, the idea of making our dwelling “eco-friendly” is becoming increasingly important. And it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming as it may seem at first sight.

The eco-friendly house is lit up at night.

Install a Smart Meter

A Smart Meter installed in your dwelling can become one of the best ways to deal with the problems of energy saving. Boilers and home heating systems of our house are the biggest energy consumers in comparison with other devices. Thus, sometimes when leaving the house we leave the heating turned on even if we actually don’t need it. To avoid this and therefore save energy you could use a smart meter, which can be programmed for a certain time of the day. These ingenious devices are especially useful during the colder months of the year – they will warm up the house before you come back from work or before getting out of bed on a cold winter morning.

Install Solar Panels

If you are concerned about a carbon footprint, or want to decrease the cost of your energy bills, solar panels are one of the must haves for you. Any home can hardly become really eco-friendly without solar panels embedded. This is comparatively an initial layout of money at first sight. But this long-term investment will help you save much money in the future, even more than you spend. In addition to the possibility to save money, you get your own reliable, sustainable and low-maintenance source of energy capable of making enough electricity for your house. Mind that solar energy is cleaner since solar panels don’t produce greenhouse gasses causing climate change, which is an essential feature for every environmentally responsible person.

A man installing solar panels on an eco-friendly house roof.

Install a Rainwater Harvesting System

Water saving is one of the fundamental factors of the concept “eco friendly”. There is a great way to reduce the amount of water used at our homes significantly – collecting rainwater.  The Rainwater Harvesting System installed at your house cuts down the water usage for around 50%.

The operating principle of the system is collecting rainwater, filtering it and then keeping it in a cool dark place at a constant temperature underground. The saved water can later be used for various purposes, such as watering your garden during dryer months, flushing toilets or in washing machines.

Create a Recycling Center and a Compost Station

A lot of waste is an inevitable result of any human activity. We can do nothing about it. Nevertheless, every family can improve the situation by means of creating their personal recycling and composting centers, which provide further transformation of the wastes and organic materials.

If you make recycling as a regular habit of your family, you can achieve the next level in making your house eco-friendly.  The best place for a recycling bin in your house is usually your kitchen, which is the place where the most waste is produced. Also you have to find a place in your house for the bins to sort various groups of recycled products. To avoid confusion of what goes where it’s better to label the bins. If at first recycling can seem inconvenient, after a short period you’ll get used to it and just take it for granted.

Composting helps you to get rich soil in domestic conditions and reduce your carbon footprint. This process breaks down organic residues with the help of natural decomposition and makes organic waste a perfect source to “feed” on. For instance, all organic waste on the farm is composted and reused. Making your compost space depends on where you live – indoors or outdoors. Thus, inside your dwelling you can place a composting designated bin, outside your compost station may be started just on the bare ground. By means of composting, you enrich the soil in your garden and decrease methane emissions from landfills.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED light bulbs have stepped into our lives many years ago. But only recently humanity has started extensively implementing them into their houses. Since people became more educated about their effectiveness – lasting up to 12 times more than traditional bulbs, they provide the same amount of light using significantly less energy.

These are only a few eco-friendly tips, but they are really essential. Hope that they will be useful for making your house eco-friendly. Therefore, coming to Florida most tourists decide to rent a car Orlando.

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