Creating The Bedroom Of Your Children’s Dreams

A striped rug in a child's dreamy room.

How we design and decorate our children’s bedrooms is an important task, deserving of plenty of time for planning and implementation. Children, very much like adults, are susceptible to their surroundings and the places they spend time can and will affect their mood and ability to have fun.

Creating a dreamy children's bedroom with blue walls.
Bold primary colours work well for younger children (

By using your imagination and looking to your children for inspiration, you can create the perfect room for your little ones that reflects their interests, gives them a place they can play and have fun, and when they’re older, a place to study and a private escape from busy family life.

A children's room with a dreamy tree house.
Unique treehouse bed will provide endless hours of fun and adventure (

Making it fun is the most important element, so be prepared to think outside the box and give your child a room that he or she will love for years. Children grow quickly and so their tastes and personalities develop, so it can be difficult to find the perfect bedroom that won’t be outgrown incredibly fast. Adding features like suspended beds, murals, bright colours, and even slides can add an element of fun that will take a long time to get bored of.

Creating the Bedroom of Your Children's Dreams with a bunk bed featuring a slide.
Adding a small slide to this cabin bed is the room’s main and most fun feature (

But style also matters, especially for older children who are more trend-conscious. Work with your children in the design and idea process to find the right balance between fun, style, and function.

Creating The Bedroom Of Your Children's Dreams with an Eiffel tower painted on the wall.
This charming bedroom is the perfect transitional bedroom for young teenagers (
Creating an Orange and White dream bedroom for your children.
This orange room fits the criteria for fun, fashionable, and functional (

Colour can also be a difficult decision. While primary colours can be the perfect idea for younger ones, they will soon row out of this and bold reds and blues can be hard to cover. If you’re looking to create a dynamic room that will grow with your child, choosing pastel colours as a base and adding personality to easily interchangeable soft furnishings is a wise move, and one that will save you money and time in the future.

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Pastel pink walls work for all ages (
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