7 Signs Your Bathroom is Due for an Upgrade

An upgraded bathroom with a glass shower and sink.

Are you constantly feeling unsatisfied with your bathroom? It may be time to renovate. Here are 7 signs your bathroom may be due for an upgrade.

1. Décor is Old and Outdated

Old, outdated décor and colors are one sure sign that your bathroom needs renovating. There could be many reasons for this – trends have changed, or your preferences have changed. At any rate, you shouldn’t put up with a color and décor you don’t like.

Color is an inspiration and a very important decision when it comes to any bathroom makeover. It reflects your taste and style and is the element that always attracts the most attention in a space. Indeed, color is crucial, and it is not a decision to be rushed. Pastels and muted tones work best for bathrooms, but of course, it’s a matter of preference. Crimson tiles will seem fabulous to some, while others will find them creepy. If you can’t decide, opt for softer colors with some sort of pattern. Nobody has regretted such a design.

Unique patterns and textures are always in style. If your existing tiles are heavy on features and older, a retro look will be very simple to transition to. Neutral tiles will help yield a timeless, eternal design that you can modify as styles and colors change if you want a more modern look and feel for your bathroom.

Do what you must, but the old wallpaper and popcorn ceilings have got to go.

A bathroom with upgraded fixtures.

2. Consistent Odor, No Matter How Often You Clean

Odor that just doesn’t go away is a sure sign you need to revamp your space. Particularly bathrooms in older buildings can have an incessant, consistent odor to the chagrin of homeowners and tenants alike. Getting a bothersome sink leak fixed or having your toilet’s wax seal replaced are effective ways to remedy the smell. We recommend improving your bathroom ventilation to create a more pleasant, fresher smell, especially if your bathroom doesn’t have windows.

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A bathroom with an upgraded sink and shower.

3. Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are a triple whammy – they’re annoying, they hike water costs up, and they’re ugly. They are the first issue to eliminate if you’re planning on renting out or selling your property. Nobody will take kindly to leaky faucets, leaky toilets, or leaky showerheads. You’ll want to get all of these fixed and then remedy any leak-related damage.  

A white bathroom with a bathtub, sink, and toilet, perfect for a bathroom upgrade.

4. Old Toilets

You might need to get a more water-efficient model if your toilet is more than a decade old. Even if you’re not planning on selling or renting out your property, it will pay off to equip your bathroom with eco-friendly items. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, toilets account for almost a third of all water used indoors. EPA-label toilets use about 20 percent less water than non-EPA models, which can add up to 13,000 gallons of water saved annually.

EPA labels apply to showerheads as well. 17 percent of a home’s indoor water is used by showers, and a standard head uses 25 gallons in just ten minutes. This drops to 20 gallons if you use an EPA-approved showerhead, saving you 2,900 gallons of water annually.

A bathroom upgrade featuring white tile and a window.

5. Cracks in the Tub

The lack of aesthetic associated with a yellowed, cracked tub is undeniable. A new liner or bathtub will make for a dramatic improvement. Keep in mind that the drain should always be positioned at a small angle if you’re having a new tub or shower installed, so water drains properly.

An upgraded bathroom with a bathtub, sink, and toilet.

6. Poor Lighting

It is hardly necessary to wonder whether your bathroom is due for an upgrade if the light is so poor you can barely find your way around it. Blindingly bright light in the morning is equally pesky. Proper lighting is important for many reasons, not least because it can recreate a space’s ambiance.

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Oftentimes, lighting is forgotten in the process of bathroom renovation because people place a greater focus on design and decoration. We’d warn against this. A well-lit bathroom can make an astounding difference to your experience of the atmosphere and ambiance. Upgrading your lighting is something you’ll never regret, which we can’t say for the choice of color or pattern, like dolphins or ducks in a circle on the wall. To be able to adjust the level of lighting as needed, add a dimmer switch.

A bathroom upgrade with two sinks, a tub and a shower.

7. No Room for Storage

Last but not least, lacking storage room for bathroom necessities is a sure sign your space needs an upgrade. Good planning is the key to creating sufficient storage room. You don’t need bulky cabinets if everything is exactly where it should be.

If you have an outdated cabinet with vanity or countertop, we recommend introducing a transitional-type model that combines modernity with tradition. This could be a streamlined vanity made of wood. Simple hardware is an added benefit of this. Most of these models come with extra storage, which is always a plus.

Older bathrooms offer only minimal space, and even one dating from less than a decade ago can prove insufficient to meet modern needs. If you’re struggling with the organization, layout, or size of your bathroom, then it’s time to make some changes. In some cases, not only isn’t there enough storage space, but you also need to squeeze past the sink to reach the toilet or stumble over the toilet to get to the shower. A bathroom remodel, or renovation can assuage these elements.

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With some investment of time and money, you can have your bathroom laid out in an inventive and innovative way to optimize the available space to a maximum extent. The right layout can even lend an air of luxury. A myriad of space-saving and appealing designs are available, which will make the most out of existing space without having to actually increase room size. You can either reposition pieces of bathroom furniture or get newer models to increase storage space.  

A bathroom upgrade with marble counter tops and a tub.

Upgrade Now

If any of these 7 signs are evident, upgrading your bathroom is not a decision to be postponed indefinitely. It doesn’t have to break the bank either. Smaller, regular investments in the renovation of this space will pay off even in the short term.  


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