Nine super cute nursery decor ideas you must know

Nursery Decor Ideas: A pink and white baby room with a canopy and a teddy bear.

Supposing you consider that the nursery is your baby’s first home. This space needs to be fun, inviting, calming, and full of wonder for your new bundle of joy.

When the time comes to decorate the nursery, a few simple ideas are amazing and never grow out of style.

This article has drawn a list of nine super cute nursery decor ideas you must know.

Take a look:

Go for Pastel colors

A nursery should have a soothing effect on your baby’s eyes and avoid sharp colors. Pastel colors will give your nursery a calming, light, and soft touch.

You can opt for mild tones of green, yellow, pink, or baby blue. Consider these colors for accessories, furniture, and even decorations. It is also important to keep the colors in the nursery light.

Nursery Decor Ideas: Turquoise and white themed baby nursery.

Go for wooden furniture and accessories

When you consider getting furniture and accessories for your nursery decor, always opt for those made of wood. Starting with choosing a crib with a wooden frame that can transform into a bed as the baby grows.

It would be best if you also went for a glider or rocking chair that will give you comfort during the long, tiring feeding schedules.

Nursery Decor Ideas featuring a rocking chair and teepee.

Get Wall Art

A nursery should not have dull, plain walls. Adding wall art is an amazing idea; you can use different paintings and wall hangings to make the room more appealing.

If you opt for wallpaper, the best option is to go for washable wallpaper. Within no time, your baby will be crawling around the room and touching walls and may put some stains.

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Suppose your budget is tight and you cannot spend on wallpapers, wall hangings, or paintings. Instead, paste pictures on the wall or buy cheaper stickers.

Personalize your nursery

Painting the walls will not be enough; adding a personalized touch would be great. You can get artistic bedsheets with some fun prints to give the space more life.

Based on the look you want your nursery to represent, grab curtains with some funk or personalize the one you have based on your theme.

As for the accessories, opt for customized pieces, such as lamps that you can add customized pieces of fabric.

Try Floral designs

I already know some of you are fringing at this tip. Floral designs are not just meant for girls; you can also use them for boys.

You can opt for either floral wall stickers or paint the space with a preferred floral print.

An addition of some artificial flowers will also bring out an aesthetic touch to the nursery. But it would help if you avoided glass or breakable vases in the nursery; they can be dangerous if broken.

Floral wallpaper and bed in a girl's room.

Avoid cluttering the nursery

The nursery should have plenty of open space for your baby to feel comfortable. Rather not every baby stuff should have to be in the nursery.

Consider investing in inexpensive storage bins, cool dressers, or adjustable play tables. You can place these items in other spaces within your home. For instance, you can have your play table in your living room, where it is much easier for you to keep an eye on your baby.

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A baby won’t need a big room

You don’t need an entire room to set up a nursery. So if you live in a tight space, don’t guilt-trip yourself into thinking the space will not fit a baby’s nursery.

For example, if you have a two-bedroom apartment and use one bedroom as an office. You can divide the space using a bookshelf and get two separate spaces, decorate one to be your nursery.

Nursery Decor Ideas: A white crib and a mirror in a baby's room.

Avoid gender Stereotyping the nursery

Babies are babies and won’t understand much around them. Hence most people will go for a gender-based design for their home nurseries. But that is not necessary.

A baby’s interests revolve around their stuffed animals, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, and milk.

Avoid turning your baby girls’ nursery into a princess castle or filling your baby boys’ with action figures and sports decorations.

Decorate the nursery for yourself as well

Do not worry yourself whether the baby will like your decor or not. They will not care as long as their milk is on time. So you can go for any decor that will fancy your interests.

Your new bundle of joy will be babies for a short while. Before they grow and have their own opinions about their space, the choice in decor is all yours.

Remember you will also spend as much time in the nursery as your baby and hence you should consider what will also bring you comfort and happiness. For example, you can hang a family portrait or place an heirloom in the nursery.


A nursery should be a safe space that will provide a nurturing environment and help build a connection with your baby. Our nine nursery decor ideas will help you create an amazing space both for you and your baby.

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