Factors to Consider When Buying Lots for Sale From Realty Corporations Like Chenal Valley Properties – Little Rock Arkansas

A Little Rock home with a garage and grass in the front yard.

Who doesn’t dream of owning a house – right?  Actually, forget houses. I would be perfectly happy if I could pay for my very own lot. After all, there is no better feeling than finally breaking free from renting! To have your very own property, now, that definitely sounds like one of life’s biggest end goals.

But the amount of work you have to go through just to afford a small portion of land can be quite overwhelming. The cost of living in the U.S., after all, is not exactly what you’d call cheap (here’s what to expect). We may have vast amounts of land, but those that are actually “livable” or close to metropolitan areas are rather limited – not to mention expensive! Aside from buying our own house the few options we can consider are:

  • Renting an apartment, flat, or bachelor’s pad
  • Living in your parents/relative’s house
  • Buying a condo unit or studio apartment (which sometimes costs more than a house)
  • Living in public shelters
  • Living off the streets
A wooden house sits on top of a green lawn in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Okay. So maybe the last two are out of the question; feel free to cross them out. But they are options, nonetheless. Don’t you agree? All jokes aside, all these alternative living conditions just don’t feel right. They will never amount to the comfort and coziness of a real home. Apartments don’t have backyards, let alone a front lawn. They can never have gazebos, gardens, verandas, and whatnot – you can’t even have a decent “airing out” space for your laundry in such a limited place!

If you think of a home that you would like your children to grow up in, you always think of the perfect one. You think of …

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  • a house that may not be too big but spacious
  • a neighborhood that is not just friendly but safe
  • a home that is near to important and enjoyable facilities (e.g. hospitals, schools, parks, groceries, etc.)
  • a home that feels close to nature


Normally, you would think that the last requirement is impossible to achieve. After all, if you want to live in comfort, you have to stay as close to the city as possible. However, what if I told you that within a few kilometers from the bustling city, neighborhoods exist amidst breathtaking landscapes?

Also, what if I told you that the previous sentence is 100% true?

That’s right. It is now possible to experience the comforts of nature and enjoy the convenience of city life at the same time. Cozy residential areas, like Waterview Estates, have paved the way (literally) to better living by putting up residential lots for sale near mountains, lakes, and riverbanks. Who knew that this is still possible in this day and age, right? Trust me, I’m just as surprised and excited as you.

So, if the idea of moving or owning a property that’s closer to nature interests you, then you definitely have to start planning your purchase. But before you do, here are a few yet important takeaways we can give you:


After finally deciding to buy your own lot, planning out the location is very important. You have to make sure that you choose right the first time. Find a location that is strategic. You have to be near enough the city so that you can gain access to important facilities and far enough that you wouldn’t be bothered by the pollution and noise the city stirs up. You must also take into account the salability of the property. If in the future you decide to move, how positive are you that you can sell it at a price that wouldn’t make you lose your investments?  

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Next, you obviously have to consider cost. The cost of the lot should be commensurate of its quality. Location, accessibility, convenience, safety, and comfort – if the lot you’re planning to purchase scores high on all these factors, then a higher cost is pretty much permissible. Don’t forget to look for the best deals though!   

A calculator sits on top of a piece of paper in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Of course, your number one priority should be the safety of the neighborhood. How many residents does the place currently have? How is the security system looking? Are there any previous cases of burglary, theft, kidnapping? If there are, how often do these incidents take place? If the subway feels safer than the place you’re moving to, then forget it – especially when you have children. A good neighborhood is always a safe one, remember that.


Finally, we have comfort. Aside from location, there are various ways a place can feel comfortable. Are the streets quiet? Are there nearby parks? Are there a lot of trees? Your home should feel like an escape from the harsh, hectic world. When buying a lot, make sure that you choose a place that will help you destress, not one that will add more stress.

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  1. Thanks for listing the factors to consider when purchasing lots for sale. Apparently, my sister is looking for a lot where she can build her own property. Since I’m helping her find one on the internet, I shall then follow your advice to consider the location, accessibility, and convenience. Besides, another factor to check out is the safety of the neighborhood. Hopefully, I can find a reputable realtor.

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