6 Things To Consider When Buying A New Mattress For Your Kids

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Kids can wear anyone out. The younger ones will often wreak havoc in the house as they look for new ways to thrill themselves. Their questions and cheeky rebuttals are unending. But just as they wear people out, they also drain themselves and need to rest. It’s why they need a great mattress. Your child’s comfort should be a priority and that’s why you should consult with a professional before deciding on one. You can seek help from Kate Barrington @ BedAdvisor.com for excellent insights, especially if your child has restless leg syndrome.

In the meantime, we have outlined the most critical factors to consider when you’re out to get a new mattress for your little kings and queens. With these points in mind, you’ll be armed with adequate knowledge to bring home a mattress that ticks all the essential boxes.

1. Mattress Size

If you’re getting a mattress, you should be looking at getting one for a good number of years. This means you’ll have to get one that fits your child correctly and can accommodate a decent growth spurt, so size should be a top priority. Questions you should answer include:

  • How old are the kids?
  • Do you want a mattress for more than one child?

Answers to the questions listed above will guide you in choosing a suitable mattress from the many size points available.

The twin-sized bed is great for most children since it’s more than 6 feet long. It’s also a fitting choice if you don’t have much space. The next best option is the twin extra-long that offers an additional 5 inches. It makes it suitable for fairly tall teens.

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You also have the option of opting for extra-large or full-sized mattresses. The extra-large option will have enough room for your child all through adolescence. A full-size mattress will offer the same benefit but can accommodate multiple kids.

2. Materials

Different manufacturers use different materials in making their mattresses. Some chose to use organic & hypo-allergenic mattresses for safe sleeping, while others apply synthetic materials. Some of these materials could trigger allergic reactions on the skin or, worse still, cause respiratory issues.

To be safe, look at the manufacturer’s label to determine what’s in the mattress. Steer clear of mattresses crafted from synthetic fabrics or those that contain chemicals like polyurethane and flame retardants. Instead, opt for foams made of natural materials like cotton, silk, latex, organic wool, and bamboo. To be sure you’re getting a safe mattress, check the label for a Certi-Pur certification.

3. Support

A good mattress will offer just the right amount of support for your kid’s body and prevent both short-term and long-term postural issues. Such a mattress will strike a balance between bounce and sinkage to produce a comfortable yet healthy sleep surface for your child. How then do you pick an option that offers these benefits? First, you need to know the types of mattress support systems available. The most common types are innerspring coils and memory foam.

Mattresses with innerspring coils include a connection of coils that help to support your child’s weight and distribute it evenly across the mattress. This removes the possibility of inappropriate sinkage, which can result in pains and postural defects over time. Also, such mattresses tend to be durable since the coils are sturdy enough to absorb pressure.

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Mattresses with memory foam provide a malleable surface that conforms to the shape of the body. Your child gets excellent support and an even surface that cradles the body and prevents excessive tossing and turning.

You can go for a mattress with any of the discussed support systems. However, ensure the quality of the coils or memory foam infused in the mattress is top-notch.

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4. Firmness and Comfort

The degree of firmness a mattress offers will determine its comfort levels. And different children could require different levels of durability based on their size, age, and sleeping habits. Your task then is to determine which level of firmness will best suit your kid based on his or her unique physical features and patterns.

The firmness options include plush, which is suitable for kids weighing less than 25 lbs. Then there’s the medium-firm mattress, which is excellent for kids weighing between 25 pounds and 31 pounds. The last standard option is firm, which caters to kids weighing more than 31 lbs.

Usually, people go for medium-firm mattresses as these fit most kids. However, some parents end up buying a mattress topper to adjust the firmness of such mattresses. Apart from your child’s weight, you also need to consider their sleeping habit. Back and side sleepers generally find firm mattresses comfier while stomach sleepers prefer medium-firm mattresses.

5. Durability

Don’t just cart away the first fancy option that comes your way. A little bounce here and some spilled orange juice there, and you could be running to the retailer for a new mattress soon.

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First, check if the mattress is waterproof, especially if the kids are still very young. Also, make sure it’s made of washable materials so cleaning can be easy. Alternatively, you can buy a waterproof and a washable cover so it’ll soak in the stains and wetness while protecting the mattress. All you have to do is launder the cover frequently.

6. Price

A price point that suits you is down to how much you’re willing to cough up and what your plans for the future are. However, there’s a few things you should know. For example, pricey mattresses are usually more reliable since they’re made from quality materials. Going for such high-end options could even save you money in the long run as they’d naturally last longer. That said, you could be lucky to find a perfect mattress that comes at a reasonable price.

Buy The Best For Your Kids!

Don’t downplay the importance of the right mattress. With one – and with all other things being equal – your kids are guaranteed deep, refreshing sleep. Not to mention their minds will stay sharp. So when you’re heading out to buy a mattress, keep the points we’ve discussed in mind to get the right mattress, and help your kids sleep well.

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