Designer Tricks to Make Your Living Room Cozy

A colorful living room.

If you are looking to give your living room a little bit more of a cozy feel then read on for some fab tips on how you can achieve this particular ambience. The living room is the perfect place for a cozy setting and there is nothing like unwinding and relaxing after a long and tough day, in your very own cozy paradise. In reality there isn’t much to achieving this look, and the devil is very much in the details, just a few small changes and you can create that coziness which you have been looking for. 


When it comes to the fabrics which you go for in your room there are some which are just going to scream coziness. For example you can look for soft, velvety throws which you can toss over your sofa for instant appeal, you could also look for a faux-fur rug which is really going to add some softness and will be very inviting. 

A living room decorated in white and pink.


Another surefire way of enhancing how the room feels is to bring in some natural materials such as logs or twigs, ornately placed in baskets or vases. Another option is to use real wood for a nest of tables, which again give that cozy, country feel. My local flower shop Pearsons Florist do some lovely twig selections with berries, a great look for your inviting space. 


If you do have a hearth which is blocked over then unblocking it is going to give you an instant feeling of warmth and coziness in the room. If you do not have a hearth then a smart investment could be a real-look fireplace, which is actually an electric one which has the effect of real flames. There is something incredibly natural and snug about a fireplace, so if you have the space it could be a really nice idea. 

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A cozy living room with a fireplace.


Sometimes overdoing it on the pillows will have the effect of a cluttered or disorganized space but if you do this well you can really add to the coziness of the room. Make sure that you vary sizes of cushions but not colors and styles, this shouldn’t look as though you went mad at a thrift store. Pick 3 colors and keep those themes with your cushion choices, and remember, the more the merrier. 

A cozy living room with a brown leather couch and pillows.


A final design tip here is how you use your bookshelves and shelving units, they should not be monotonous, or indeed filled up with just books. The aspect of a cozy room which is most inviting is the character and those touches of personality and that is what your shelves should  look like. There is a fine line to walk here as you don’t want to look as though you’ve cluttered the space with any old thing, which is why no matter what you do put up there, you have to display them in a way that makes it look intentional and by design. 

A cozy living room with a comfy couch and stylish bookshelves.

Get these touches right and your room will feel a whole lot cozier in no time at all. 

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