Turning your Living Room into a Technological Haven

A technological haven featuring a collage of pictures of a home theater.

Our home reflects us and our personalities.  When our friends or family visit our house, what they see helps them determine our interests, conditions, and just who we are in general.  For example, if you walked into someone house and saw a collection of baseball equipment, you’d assume they are passionate about baseball.

So, if you’re into technology, you may have thought about adding smart devices or other forms of technology to your room.  With this article, I want to talk about devices that fit well with your living room. I mean, that is the room where many of your friends or family will visit often.  

Let your friends and family know the convenience and comfort that tech can bring to your home with these 5 upgrades!


A Crystal-Clear TV


An essential piece of tech for your living room is a TV.  More specifically, a nice 4K TV.

Fortunately, we don’t live in the times where a good 1080p TV could cost you thousands of dollars.  Nowadays, you can buy a good quality 4K TV for a few hundred dollars, relatively cheap compared to a couple years ago.

With a 4K TV, shows and movies will be smooth and crystal-clear, letting you and your friends become immersed in the latest season of Game of Thrones or the latest Marvel movies.

A group of people in a technological haven, watching a tv.


VPN Router


While not as luxurious as a 4K TV, think of employing a VPN Router as a replacement to your current router.

See, home is also a place where we should feel safe, but our networks are constantly in danger of being intercepted or our data being stolen.  With a VPN router encrypting your Wi-Fi, your worry about your data security can be assuaged and you can relax.

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With a VPN router, your data is constantly being hidden from anyone who may be snooping on your network.  So, if you want to feel even more secure, a VPN router seems like a no-brainer.


Ambient Lighting


Our outside environment impacts how we feel mentally.  If a color is too “aggressive”, as if it’s too bright, then we can get excited or energetic.  Color also works the other way around. If you feel like your living room won’t let your relax as you should, consider investing in ambient lighting.

A technological haven featuring a blue screen and chairs.
Soundproof Theater Room

With ambient lighting, you can set a glow throughout the room, the color depending on how you’re feeling.  Want to create a dark, horror vide? Orange and red are your friend. Want to feel at peace and relax after a hard day at work?  Set it to green and take a nap. Ambient lighting is worth the investment.


Convenient TV Setup


You got that 4K TV mentioned earlier, but now what?  A convenient way to get any streaming service or shows you need is by the use of a streaming device such as a Roku stick, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick.

With these, you don’t need to worry about any antennas or receivers.  All you need is a TV and a network the stick can connect to. Little hassle means more time to sit back and watch TV!


Gaming on the TV


On the other hand, maybe you don’t watch TV.  When you get home, you immediately run to your desk and sit down to enjoy Dark Souls or the latest Battlefield title.  If that’s the case, you can still use a good quality TV to your advantage.

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If you don’t feel like sitting at your desk, then use a Steam Link.  While both hardware and software Steam links exist, both ensures any game that you play on your PC can be transferred to the TV signal.  While your PC is running the game, the display is moved to the TV, letting you sit back on the couch and playing on a much bigger screen than your monitor.

A living room with a technological haven featuring a TV, couch, and coffee table.

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