Tips for Decorating Your Kids Room in an Apartment

Tips for Decorating Your Child's Room in an Apartment with a bed, desk and bookshelf.

Setting up your child’s space in your apartment can be a fun task. Yet, it can also feel overwhelming as you consider all of the options for the area. Here are some ideas that will get your creativity flowing as you determine how to best utilize the space for your little one.

Make Storage a Top Priority

For most parents, decorating a kid’s room starts as a fun project, only to quickly turn into a logistics concern as you try to find a space for everything. If you are in an apartment, you may have a slightly smaller-than-average space, yet your kid still wants to have plenty of stuff in that room. As you decorate, look for elements that double as storage. From furniture with bins hidden inside to wall decor that can hold toys, there are many options to incorporate into the room to help give your child a place to keep toys and other belongings at bay.

Tips for Decorating Your Kids Room

For apartment homes, vertical storage is one of the best choices. It maximizes the amount of storage without using up too much floor space. You can place some toys on a higher shelf, then rotate them on occasion to help keep messes at bay.

Don’t neglect storage under the bed. It can help you utilize an unused space so you can have less furniture in the room.

Safety First

When decorating your child’s room, make sure safety is an important consideration. Not only should you anchor furniture, but you should also check for strangulation hazards, like mini-blind cords. Keep electrical sockets covered and avoid toxic paints and other chemicals.

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Use Rugs to Add Depth

Tips for Decorating Your Kids Room with a Cactus Rug in an Apartment

Area rugs can add color and depth to your child’s bedroom. If you have hardwoods, this can help keep the space more comfortable as well. Consider using this to set up a play area where kids have permission to play so that you can keep the toys at bay in other areas of the home.

Create a Work Space

Your kids are going to need a place to do some homework once they reach the school years. If they are too young for homework, they need a place to do art or enjoy books. Create a homework or workspace area in the room with a simple desk and chair. If you are tight on space, consider a floating or fold-down desk.

Design Around Open Space

Kids need open space to play and spend time. Create open space by careful furniture placement. For example, putting the bed in a corner or against a wall rather than the center of the room can create more open space. It can also create a cozier space for sleeping.

Use Neutrals with Bright Accents

While it can be tempting to go crazy with bright colors when decorating a child’s room, consider sticking with a neutral color palette. You can add favorite bright colors through accents and decor. Neutrals allow the room to grow with your child, even when his tastes change as he gets older.

Remember, when decorating your apartment’s bedroom area for your child, keep safety, storage, and activities in mind. This will help you create a space that is enticing and attractive, while also maximizing the use of your square footage.

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