10 Creative and Fun Ideas for Decorating a Kid’s Bedroom

A kids’ bedroom with white furniture and a teddy bear.

Can you remember your bedroom when you were a kid? It probably wasn’t anything creatively fun and colorful. Nevertheless, you can still experience the childhood you missed through the young ones in your life today. Check out the great ideas below for the inspiration you need to transform your kids bedroom.

1. Chalkboard Wall

Encourage creativity by adding a chalkboard stripe on one wall of your kids’ bedroom. With numerous colors of chalk paint available, you won’t find it hard to blend it in with whichever color palette that makes up the room.

A kids' bedroom with a chalkboard wall.

2. Redesigned pendant fixtures

Instilling style to a room doesn’t have to be elaborate. Even something as simple as a fun light fixture can work wonders

A kids' bedroom light fixture with a red airplane hanging from it.

3. Maps

Introduce your child to the far corners of the world by lining up one of the bedroom walls with a colorful World Map. Better yet, get a non-colored one and make it a project for you and your kids to paint in the cities, countries and other special places you have visited.

Kids' bedroom with a world map mural.

4. Sports Center

If your kid lives in jerseys and grass stains, bring the excitement into the house by designing a sports-themed bedroom. You can complement this sporty design with DIY bedding in their favorite team’s colors

A kids' bedroom with a bed and dresser.

5. Under the sea

A teal and purple palette can transform your kids’ bedroom into a magical, ocean-like atmosphere. Throw in sea creatures’ cutouts to bring the theme to life.

Two pictures of a kids’ bedroom with a mural of an underwater scene.

6. Safari

For the animal-lover that can’t stop begging you to take them to the zoo, a safari-themed room will provide an adventurous escape comfortably in the safety of your home. Don’t forget stuffed animals.

Beautiful Bedroom Wall decoration Styles for DIY Enthusiasts

A kids' bedroom with a giraffe-themed bed and lamp.

7. Space

A planetarium-themed bedroom will inspire your little loved one to shoot for the stars while they are young. In the nursery below, the space exploration theme is perfectly complemented by pops of sunny weather.

A kids' bedroom with a grey and white theme.

8. Camping

If your kids love the outdoors already, get them a dramatic drape and a pretend fire for the perfect in-house camping site.

A kids' bedroom with a teepee.

9. Treehouse

Just because you live in a big apartment building doesn’t mean your kid must give up on their treehouse dream. Get an exquisitely designed treehouse wallpaper and the right furniture to match, and your children will thoroughly appreciate their safe, all-weather nest.

A kids’ bedroom with a tree house.

10. House within a house

Not straying far from treehouses, giving your kids a house rather than a mere room can be the best way for them to learn responsibility. Redesign the bedroom into a small house, complete with a safely accessible attic with additional sleeping space to make it more fun and stimulating, especially during sleepovers.

A kids' bedroom with a bed and a window.

These ten ideas show just how much you can do to rejuvenate your kids’ bedroom. Get up and get cracking!

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