Best Do-It-Yourself Home Security Systems

A person holding a tablet with smart home icons representing the best DIY home security systems.

Monitoring your home with a security system does not need to have monthly fees or involve professional installation. Today, there are many DIY, self-installed, and monitoring home security systems.

With a DIY home security system, you order equipment online, and the security company delivers you everything along with the installation instructions or guide. Also, you can monitor these home security systems by yourself through a mobile application. Even so, a lot of DIY home security companies offer no-contract, flexible, professional monitoring plans.

Read on to find out some of the best DIY home security systems available today!


If you’re looking for a simple entry-level home security system, then you might want to consider Abode. It has all the standard devices and sensors for such a system. Abode integrates with Nest, IFTTT, and Amazon Alexa for arming and disarming your system through voice commands.

It integrates with other advanced automation, too. What’s more, you can add accessories to the home security system separately. Professional monitoring starts at 30 dollars per month and has cellular backup.

Additionally, you can connect the system to many third-party devices because Abode supports Z-wave and Zigbee. Thus, you can undoubtedly control and regulate everything from the Abode application.

This self-install, scalable home security system yields reliable performance at an affordable value. Do read an in-depth review of this product in any online review sites like


Did you know that Simplisafe was one of the first companies to offer DIY home security systems? Well, it’s indeed true. Also, it is an excellent alternative to other professional firms like ADT.

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It is because Simplisafe offers an extensive range of accessories. Simplisafe’s starter kit only costs 230 dollars, and it recently took a hardware update that looks better than before. The problem is that you still need to pay at least 15 dollars a month to use any remote security features. However, the solid performance and impressive array of accessories make up for this.

Nest Secure

The Nest Secure home security system costs around 499 dollars and comes with two motion, window, and door sensors, two Tag key fobs, and one Guard hub. By typing in a PIN code on the integrated keypad of the Guard hub, you can arm and disarm the system.

Also, you can do that by tapping the key fobs or changing the mode in the accompanying Nest application for iPhone and Android. The sensors will surely become your favorite part of the system because you can momentarily disarm one sensor while continuing to oversee the rest of your house.

In this way, without disarming the Nest Secure system, you can open a window and take the newspaper from your yard.


The smart home security system from Honeywell is a DIY kit. Honeywell’s primary hub is reckoned as the Camera Base Station. The hub is equipped with free 24-hour cloud storage, a 145-degree viewing angle, and 1080p HD live streaming.

What’s more, you can add optional accessories to the system. Take note that professional monitoring isn’t available here.

SmartThings ADT

This DIY home security kit costs around 550 dollars and includes one motion detector, two door/window sensors, and a seven-inch SmartThings panel. SmartThings’s optional 200 dollar expansion kit arrives with a water leak sensor, a carbon monoxide detector, and a smoke detector.

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Not like the other DIY security systems mentioned on this list, the SmartThings ADT Home Security Starter Kit comes with no-contract professional monitoring from the security company ADT.

Professional monitoring starts at 15 dollars a month up to 35 dollars a month for full monitoring of both home security products and life safety.


Are you looking for an affordable DIY security system? If so, then Ooma’s DIY home security system is perfect for you because it’s priced in an affordable range. The security system includes a motion sensor and the Telo hub, though it might not seem much, yet it comes with a huge bonus.

You can enjoy free home monitoring for the motion sensor plus the added feature to pass the 911 call via your home phone for assistance if there is an emergency. Additionally, Ooma allows you to add leak, motion, and door sensors to the security system as needed. However, the kit itself is ideal for a smaller home or an apartment.


DIY home security companies are not like the Vivints and ADTs of the world. Rather than confining you into a yearly contract, most do-it-yourself security systems offer you the flexibility to select when and how you monitor your home.

With that said, it’s an optional basis to sign up for a monitoring service, and you can cancel at any time, without hidden charges or early termination fees. DIY home security systems are far more affordable compared to those professionally installed while still providing you with the right devices or equipment to safeguard and protect your home.

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