5 Chic Nursery Design Ideas

Nursery design featuring striped walls and a crib.

Half the fun of preparing for a new member of the family is setting up the nursery. It’s a chance to make an area specifically for a growing child, letting you look back to your fond memories as you get ready to make brand new ones.

Getting ideas isn’t always easy for such a big space. Here are five ideas that will help get the ball rolling on crafting an ready for your newborn!


When it comes to chic, nothing stands out like modern design. Clean lines and straight edges with muted tones make for a well-organized room. This also makes for an excellent space for splashes of color and shape to draw Baby’s eye.

Other modern nursery ideas include minimal furniture and wall coverings to let certain aspects of the room provide a focal point. A stylish rug or colorful pictures are perfect accents to hues of grey, beige and white.

Pink and grey nursery design with cloud wallpaper.


Many people view the rustic tones as the perfect scene for a new baby. Usually found in boys rooms, creating an outdoors-inspired area is actually a unisex look that works with any family interested in bringing nature into the home.

Choose natural wood coloring and rough-looking pieces for furniture, complemented by throws and pillows with tree, arrow and animal prints. Add in bear plushes and even natural art like leaves and live plants to really liven up the space!

Nursery design


There are few things babies are attracted to more than color, and bring in a variety of hues will make the nursery much more inviting to little ones. While too many tones can be garish, having complementary colors can leave the room looking bright.

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A play rug is an excellent option to inject color into the area, giving Baby a space to play at the same time. If you’re feeling daring, try a bold color on the ceiling like white and orange strips, giving your child something amazing to fall asleep to!

A nursery design featuring two cribs, a dresser, and a rug.


While not an idea that’s fit for all, some new parents have created a den-like space in their nursery. Adding a couch and extra seating is the perfect way to make a nursery more of a family focal point. 

This is a great way to let the whole family enjoy spending time with the baby. If you need help combining these two seemingly disparate ideas, contact interior design firms in Santa Monica or your area for some additional input.

Nursery design with a wicker chair and a rug.


For those looking for a classic look, the Victorian era provides excellent inspiration. Identified mainly with pastel pinks and blues and filled with ruffles, this is an excellent choice to make a nursery truly lavish.

Start with primarily cream base tones and find elaborately stylized furniture for the room, making sure they’re still appropriate for Baby’s exploration. Don’t forget luxurious draperies and floral prints to really set off the room.

Creating a new space for your baby can be both very challenging and extremely rewarding. To get a handle on the project, contact an interior design specialist to help bring a sense of “home” to your new nursery! 

Nursery design with a crib and chandelier.

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