5 Ways to Upgrade Your Child’s Bedroom

Child's Bedroom with Bed and Teddy Bear.

You may try to resist the inevitable, but your child is bound to grow up. This is a good thing because this means that your child is now ready to handle more responsibilities and understand the world around them better. As they grow up, everything they use has to get an upgrade as well, including the style of clothes they wear and especially their room. Your child’s room is their private place where they do their work and relax. A bedroom is a private place that is highly personal and should conform to their needs and taste. What works for a five-year-old won’t work for kids that are a little grown-up or whose tastes have changed.

The following are the five major ways you can upgrade your child’s bedroom:

1. Update the Walls

Walls are great spaces to reflect aesthetic tastes. They have great potential to be a decorative element in a room, but most people just opt to keep it plain and natural. Since kids have out-of-this-world imaginations, their walls must reflect their taste and personality. There are several wall treatments you can do to help your kids feel totally cozy in their room and to make them feel that their room is truly the personal space that has everything they cherish.

  • Digital Mural – Digital murals create a high impact style that is attention-grabbing that your child will appreciate. A digital mural is printed directly on an aluminum substrate and can be pasted on your child’s walls. Does your child have a favorite movie or comic book? They will appreciate having their favorite characters and movies or book heroes printed on their walls as a digital mural.
  • Feature Walls – You can make patterns on walls that will give it an interesting look. Feature walls have a design that is different from the other walls in the room. For example, you can opt for neutral or plain paints on most walls while applying polka dots in one wall area. These accent walls help break up the pattern of the walls in the room and give it an interesting look. Have feature walls to keep your child’s room from looking boring.
  • Add Borders – Borders are a fun way to make a room look fun and interesting. Choose a border design that reflects your children’s tastes. If they enjoy cowboys, have borders that feature wild west sceneries, or if they like science fiction, you can opt for borders that feature aliens and UFOs. If your child loves animals, you can feature dogs, cats, or any of their favorite animals on the border. Borders are a great accent to any room because they break up the neutral patterns.
  • Plain Paint – Maybe your child has simple tastes, or maybe you as a parent don’t want anything too distracting in your home. You can have a minimalist wall design in your child’s bedroom by simply updating the walls with fresh paint of their favorite color.
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2. Have Some Storage

Your child will have stuff and will accumulate more as they grow up. Have storage space to put away their toys and school supplies so the room will look clean and orderly. There are creative and interesting ways to create storage and here are just a few practical tips:

  • Shelving Display – Shelves are a great way to store toys and other items. One way that you can create a focus in a room, however, is to create shelving that features your children’s favorite toys. Instead of shelves just being a place to store items in, these can be display cases where your child can show and easily access their favorite toys and cherished items.
  • Fix and Style the Side Tables – Side tables also function as good storage spaces. If your child enjoys reading at night, their bedside table is a great place to put their books on. Side tables also have cabinets where you can put in other items such as clothing and toys. Put items on the side table that are used frequently or are needed for an emergency, like a flashlight or a smartphone. It is good to include a side table in your kid’s bedroom so they will have easy access to the things they need while in bed.

A child's bedroom with a blue wall and a bed.

3. Improve the Comfort of the Bedroom

One of the most important aspects of the bedroom is to have pleasant surfaces such as a comfortable new bed to sleep and relax in. The main point of a bedroom is to have a place to sleep in. Improve the furniture of your kid’s bedroom that has to do with comfort to help them have a good night’s sleep and much-needed relaxation.

  • Cushions – Improve the cushions of your children’s bedroom and add in some new ones that will match with the décor and style of the room. Consider the design as well as functionality and comfort.
  • Bedding – The bedroom has to be the main area of focus in a bedroom, and it is important that the beddings are clean, of high-quality, and complement the overall look of the bedroom. The bedding should blend well with any mural or piece of artwork found on the walls so it will look relaxing and well-designed.
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4. Get new furniture

You should update the furniture in your child’s bedroom to keep up with their needs. If your child works on a computer because they are doing school homework or play games you must absolutely get them a gaming chair to support their back and body. A gaming chair has the proper cushioning to keep proper posture so they won’t have injuries and backaches from prolonged sitting.   

  1. Have Different Kinds of Lighting

Lighting is important for your children’s bedroom, especially if they are already of school age. They will need proper lighting to do their homework and other activities. Good lighting helps them have good eye health and keeps them from having eye strain when they read or use gadgets. Here are just some types of lighting you can use in your children’s bedroom:

  • Creative Light Fixtures – These fixtures feature lights that have an interesting design, such as a cloud or heart. The design is sure to please and is used as overhead lighting to light up the entire room.
  • Task Lighting – These are lights used when you are doing a specific task such as reading, writing, or doing homework. If your child’s bedroom has a special nook or desk for homework, you can have a task light above that area.  

Final Thoughts

Your child will have ever-changing needs and interests, and you, as a parent, should keep up. There are many fun and creative ways to update your children’s bedroom, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even get your children to be involved in the process of decorating to make it twice the fun!

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