Kids Room Dividers – Perfect for Decorating and Learning 

A children's room with two beds and colorful balloons.

Kids need privacy. It’s why they need their own rooms in the first place. Without privacy, you’re grossly limiting the young one.

Unfortunately, not all parents can afford a separate for every kid. Indeed, most families only have one or two rooms for kids. This becomes a problem if you have three or more kids. It means that some of the kids may have to share bedrooms.

Don’t despair. Kids room dividers are useful tools to help you split shared kids’ rooms so that each kid gets a private area of their own. And, we know just the best kids’ room divider ideas to ensure each child enjoys the experience to the fullest. The following are eight options to consider.

1. Rattan room dividers

Rattan room dividers come in many shapes and colors. The ideal choice complements your décor for a practical finish. You can even pick one that doubles as a stylish accent. If you’re prepared to go all the way, consider a three-caned panel divider that folds together to store flat. These dividers can be removed with ease once you find actual rooms for the growing kids. A standard one measures six feet tall and can stretch up to five feet when fully extended.

2. Room divider shelves

Besides rattan dividers, you can also invest in room divider shelves. One option that instantly comes to mind is IKEA’s KALLAX unit. This set of room divider shelves measures approximately six square feet and can stretch the entire length of the average room to create a physical barrier between two private spaces. It comes in white, black-brown, and walnut finishes. The best part is that you can fill the 130-inch shelves with baskets, bins, books, and plants to block views further.

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Kids Room Dividers
One option that instantly comes to mind is IKEA’s KALLAX unit.

3. Hanging room divider panels

If you’d like to divide the room without blocking light, you should consider hanging room dividers. Typical hanging room divider panels are sold in sets. A set can contain up to twelve or more plastic sunscreens that connect together using C-shaped hooks or other ways. The hooks can come in different colors for accent. The beauty of hanging room dividers is that they’re incredibly easy to install. Make sure the installation hardware is included to secure the panels to the ceiling.

4. Wall panel room dividers

You may have noticed that the three options so far are very temporary solutions. If you’d like something more permanent, wall panel room dividers are the real deal. Wall panel dividers split the room into multiple areas without expensive remodeling or renovation. They also allow you to customize the individual rooms. Prices vary depending on the type of panel. However, most wall panel dividers for kids’ rooms range from $5-$7 for a small panel to $75-$104 for large panels.

Wall panel room dividers 
If you’d like something more permanent, wall panel room dividers are the real deal.

5. Use a black-framed glass for dividers

Another fairly permanent solution when dividing a kid’s room is black framed glass or crittall windows, as they’re called across the pond. These glasses provide a minimalistic chic solution to shower screens and harden door ideas throughout the home. However, they can also help divide rooms to create privacy. If you have two kids with a significant age gap, this solution will open up the door to independence between the two. The only downside is that you may need a professional to install them, as DIY isn’t a little difficult when handling glass.

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6. Curtain room dividers

Not everyone has $100 dollars lying somewhere, though. Moreover, sometimes you don’t need a permanent panel separating the kid’s rooms. If that’s the case, an ordinary curtain is sufficient. Voile curtains are especially effective in such applications. They create a light, airy translucent division that provides privacy while allowing the kids to see each other as much as they wish. Consider purchasing a curtain rail system from IKEA to give you more flexibility and less complexity. The perfect curtain rail system assembles with ease with no need for screws.

Curtain room dividers 
An ordinary curtain is sufficient.

7. Artwork dividers

Finally, pieces of artwork can also serve as excellent dividers to provide privacy in a shared kids’ bedroom. You have multiple options too. For instance, you can bring in an oversize canvas and suspend it in the middle of the bedroom. This way, it offers an aesthetic appeal while performing a valuable function. Another idea is to wrap a piece of fabric with a perky print or whimsical design to envelop framed artwork completely. In both cases, you can use hooks to suspend the artwork from the ceiling.


The most important thing when selecting kids’ room dividers is to think about the relationship between the kids. Sometimes all you need is a simple curtain to provide a sense of privacy rather than a new wall that completely separates the two.

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