3 Things Pest Control Experts Do to Keep Homes Safe for Children

Two children playing on a bed in a hotel room.

Parents spend a lot of time ensuring their children are clean, from nightly bath time routines, tidying up after playtime, and scrubbing floors. However, some aspects of keeping a clean household are beyond their expertise.

If you see one pest inside your home, you are almost guaranteed to find a shocking number close behind. Please read on to see what three things pest control experts do to keep your home clean and safe for children and the whole family. 

Spray with Effective, Sensitive Chemicals

Not all companies use the same chemical treatments, which can range considerably in terms of effectiveness and safety levels. The leading experts for pest control in Toronto and the GTA always use Health Canada-approved chemicals that are safe for all pets, the environment, and any little children in the home. 

Parents shouldn’t have to worry that the chemicals used are too weak for pests or too strong for kids. You don’t want to solve the public health risk that pests may pose by introducing a new one.

Don’t use a company unless the chemical treatments they rely on are both effective and safe.

Proactively Prevent Pest Presence

The only outcome better than eliminating a pest infestation is preventing one from occurring in the first place. The leading pest control experts have a Home Protection Plan service that pre-emptively prevents pests from entering your home.

Combining expert knowledge about each species of pest with their assessment of your location is sure to keep those icky little creatures from getting across the threshold. The best pest control experts understand the habitats, diets, and tendencies of any local pest inside or outside your home, no matter the season.

Keep Your Home Nice and Dry by Working with Experienced and Professional Plumbers Every Time

After visiting your home for an inspection, they’ll return afterwards to ensure that the pests are gone for good. Don’t settle for a company that uses a generic chemical treatment to handle every problem when there are companies that leverage expert knowledge to get a more thorough and comprehensive solution. 

Friendly, Expert Service

You aren’t likely to have a great experience if the expert who solves the problem delivers unfriendly service. On a basic level, when someone enters your home, they should be respectful and abide by the basic rules of hospitality. 

The leading pest control services are local, family-owned businesses, where the owners and the technicians that enter your home know each other well and work closely together. Larger companies aren’t likely to have such a strong relationship. When the people who run the company have personal relationships with their expert pest exterminators, they’re more likely to be trustworthy and respectful in your home.

Kids love to play outside and get dirty occasionally, jumping through puddles or hunting for critters. But finding pests inside the home is a different kind of icky-ness altogether. To protect your home and your family’s health, look for a pest control expert who ticks off all the above boxes.

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