4 Tips to Hiring a 3d Rendering Company for Your Real Estate Agency

A 3D rendering company's blueprint of a house.

The real estate industry has an easy entry point; that is, entrepreneurs can quickly access the market and transact businesses. Real estate agencies spring up in different parts of the market—and different cities, tightening the competition. If you have a list of services that you offer, there are probably ten agencies that offer exactly these same services to the customers you haggle for. With 3D rendering, you can put your real estate agency ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore the nuances of 3d architectural visualization services and the things to look out for when hiring a 3d rendering company.  

Technical Knowledge

With the growing popularity of 3d rendering, it’s only natural for many companies to spring up. The real estate industry, albeit slow in its acceptance of the importance of visualization and 3d rendering for exhibition and exquisite property storytelling, has many facets and industry experts who constantly demand the services of 3d rendering companies.

Before choosing a 3d rendering company for your real estate agency, you must ensure that the firm has the technical know-how to pull off complicated design demands. While exhibiting a property without the aid of 3d visualization may be bad for the image of your agency, an unprofessional 3d rendering and visualization is worse. The company you choose must have a proven track record of successful 3d visualization exhibitions in the real estate industry or related industries.  


Before choosing 3d rendering services, you must calculate how much you are willing to pay for your vision. Of course, many professional 3d architectural firms are pricey; however, if you can always find a firm that delivers quality renderings within an affordable budget.

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Budgeting is a crucial part of real estate. This is because an agency can only go as far as the available funding takes. There are many facets of your real estate firm that needs funding; hence, you must plan holistically. How much is the property you are working on? What’s the gross profit if your real estate deal is successful? Who is your audience? What’s the competition spending on architectural rendering? How much does your company make monthly—or per annum? These questions and many more are the crux of your decision on what3d rendering firm you need for your real estate agency.

In-house Rendering Staff or Outsourced?

Some real estate agencies prefer to have an in-house 3d architectural rendering services and visualization team. Choosing between an in-house team or outsourcing your 3d rendering projects depends on the needs and setup of your real estate agency. If you are a startup with limited capital, you may not have the capacity to hire a full-time 3d rendering and visualization expert. If you have only a few properties under your belt, a full-time in-house 3d rendering expert may be a waste of funds.

As your company grows and the demand for 3d visualization heightens, you may choose to hire an in-house team. Outsourcing is an excellent option for people who want to achieve more—while spending less. You can get great remote 3d rendering teams from professional freelance websites like Upwork. Whether you opt for an in-house team or a 3d rendering company, ensure that your choice is based on distinct technical know-how and an ability to deliver the best.

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Customer Support

If you are new to 3d rendering, it can be overwhelming. First, you may not know exactly what to expect; second, you may not know how to express your vision to the company. You must work with a 3d architectural rendering company or a team that listens to you and virtually replicates your ideas and vision for any project. The company must also be willing to make revisions to renders to suit your clients’ tastes and requirements.

The 3d rendering process takes time—especially if a 3d Rendering Company is bent on delivering quality services. Do not work with a company that is more interested in the payment.  Hire a firm that is reachable, dependable and has a history of excellent work process and delivery.

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