4 Kitchen features that will boost your property’s value

Kitchen features white cabinets.

The kitchen is known by many of the heart of the home, as this is the place where most households enjoy family dinners or catch up over breakfast. This is important to keep in mind if you’re planning to rent out your investment property, as you need to make sure that the kitchen stands out as one of the main features.

It may be that the kitchen could do with a lick of pain or could even require a complete renovation to attract tenants. To ensure the kitchen in your property is looking its best, take a look at the following amenities which are massive selling points for any rental property. 

Efficient storage

In the kitchen, you will find everything from cutlery and dishes to microwaves and cooking equipment which all need a home. This is where efficient storage comes in, which is actually the number one kitchen feature that adds value to a buy to let property, with 72% of property experts stating this as a priority for landlords.

If you feel as though you do not have enough room to meet tenants needs, you might want to upgrade your cupboards or add additional storage which will be used for all kitchen-related items. 

High-quality decor

Another critical factor is the actual design of the kitchen, as this can make or break a tenant’s decision when viewing your property. If your kitchen is relatively new, you may just need to make some slight changes, although make sure you keep your tenant in mind and avoid focusing on your own design preferences.

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Instead, you should stick to neutral palettes in order to cater to everyone. RWinvest generate significant tenant demand with their monochrome-style kitchens which offer a sleek and sophisticated look tenants of today look for. By adopting a modern design like this, you should expect a significant amount of interest, which could allow you to up the price of the rental value. 

Sustainable amenities

Today’s tenants, especially the younger generation focus on environmental factors when looking for a place to live. Therefore, you need to consider how you can make your buy to let property more sustainable, starting in the kitchen. When installing white goods, you should look to recognised brands which are eco-friendly to ensure that you are offering tenants high-quality and sustainable kitchen amenities.

For cookers, you may want to consider buying one with induction hubs which provide tenants with a fast and energy-efficient way to cook. A good energy-rating washing machine is also a great addition to the kitchen, as this will not only improve their carbon footprint but will also save you and them from paying out huge repair or maintenance costs, as they are incredibly durable. 

Durable fixtures

When updating the kitchen, you must remember to check all fixtures including taps, handles, cupboards and more to ensure they are all functioning correctly. You don’t want your tenant getting the wrong impression when they are looking in your kitchen and a handle falls off. So before you arrange any viewings you should perform any repairs to ensure that a potential tenant is not put off by a leaky tap or loose floor tile. 

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