12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Fibreglass Pool!

A Fibreglass pool in the backyard of a home.

Swimming pools come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. One of the most common types of pools used to be in the ones made of concrete. These concrete pools are strong, tough, and durable. This made such pools popular. Today more and more people are preferring fiberglass pools. These pools are not only tough and durable but also look good. There are many advantages of choosing a fibreglass pool that explain why you should buy a fibreglass pool.

1. Quick installation

When you want a pool in your home, there are two options. One is a concrete pool and the other a fibreglass pool. The concrete pool takes a lot of time to install. There is a lot of groundwork to be done. Workers need to prepare the area and then get the concrete mixer. Once the concrete is laid, it needs to set. All this takes a lot of time. A fibreglass pool is very convenient and quick to install. These pools are custom-built and readily available. The pool contractor would take the measurements and get a pool matching your requirements. The pool is brought in and installed, which would not take more than two days. There is also no waiting to use the pool like in a concrete pool. You can start using it immediately.

2. Cost-effective

Price is an important consideration when it comes to getting a swimming pool in your home. You may think that a fibreglass pool is expensive since it is made from glass. This is actually a myth! Fibreglass pools cost you lesser than a concrete pool. The main reason that concrete pools require material, machinery, and labor all of which are costly. Fibreglass pools are ready in the factory. They just need to be fitted into your backyard. This is why fibreglass pools are less expensive.

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3. Smooth surface

A fibreglass pool has a smooth surface since it is made of glass. It resembles a bathtub. This smooth surface is not just comfortable but offers other benefits. It is non-porous and bacteria do not have a place to grow. Whereas, a concrete pool has a rough surface that can allow bacteria to grow. The rough surface can also be dangerous if you hit the surface of the pool while swimming. This problem is avoided in a fibreglass pool.

4. Maintenance is easy

Maintaining a concrete pool is cumbersome, whereas a fibreglass pool is easy to maintain. Cleaning the pool is easy. Since it is made of glass, you can very clearly see if any debris has collected making cleaning easy. The chances of bacteria growing are lesser. All these make it easier to maintain the pool. You thus save on both effort spent and money.

5. Helps to retain heat

Fibreglass pools are better at retaining heat. The glass material used is very useful as it helps in keeping the pool warm not just during the day but even in the evenings. This is because fibreglass pool material does not absorb heat. This allows you to save money on pool heating. Even if you need a pool heater, a fiberglass pool heats faster making it more cost-effective.

6. It enhances the value of your home

A fibreglass pool can enhance your home’s value. Firstly, a home with a pool has a higher resale value. When that pool is made of fibreglass, it looks much better. Your entire backyard would look more attractive with a fibreglass pool. If you want to sell your home, you can expect a better price with a fibreglass pool installed.

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7. It is durable

Fibreglass pools are made from very tough glass. This glass is not breakable. There is a common misconception that a fibreglass pool may develop cracks or break up easily. This is not true. The material used and the manufacturing process ensure the pool is strong, tough, and lasts long.

8. Makes things flexible for you

Having a fibreglass pool makes things more flexible for you. With this pool, you can easily add features like a spa, water jets, etc. These can be added easily without the need to disturb your existing pool. Also, you can consider using a saltwater pool that is more beneficial since it has lesser chlorine content. Fibreglass pools are best suited for saltwater since the glass is not affected by the salt.

9. You get a warranty

Fibreglass pools are built in a factory. Your pool warranty is important, The manufacturer would offer a warranty for the pool. You can expect a warranty for 5+ years. This ensures you don’t have to worry about any repair work in case of any kind of damages.

10. More options available

Fibreglass pools give you more options for your home. You can choose different types of pools and different shapes. You can even get custom shapes and designs for your pool. This is difficult to implement in concrete pools but easier for fibreglass pools. Also, there are different sizes available. Even if you have a small backyard, you can still get a small pool that meets your requirements.

11. What you see is what you get

With a fibreglass pool, what you see is what you get. Once you check out the design of a pool and select it, you don’t have to worry about the end result. Since it is made of glass, you will get the exact appearance as it looks in the brochure or in the factory. You don’t have to wait until the work is over to see how your pool finally looks

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12. Flexes easily

Earth movement can result in the pool shell flexing. This is a natural phenomenon. Since your fibreglass pool is made of strong material, it can withstand this. The material has high tensile strength and hence there is no chance of it cracking.

The reasons mentioned above should have convinced you about why you should consider buying a fibreglass pool. You can get in touch with a pool contractor to get more details about how to get a fiberglass pool for your home.

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