Banishing Dark Circles and Brightening the Eyes

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Have you ever wished you could find the key that unlocks the secrets to banishing dark circles and brightening the eye area? Guess, what. You’ve just found it. Today, we are sharing tips that will have you bidding “farewell” to dark circles. And, we’ll help you say “hello, gorgeous” to a brighter eye area.

A close up of a woman with freckles and dark circles.
Free yourself of dark circles with our tips and tricks.

This is a two-part approach that aestheticians swear by. You treat the root cause of those unsightly shadows and bags. Plus, you brighten and conceal to disguise them throughout the treatment.

A close up of a woman with blue eyes and dark circles.
Kiss dark circles goodbye when you treat the under eye area.

 Banishing Dark Circles

First, think about what is causing your dark circles. They can be caused by numerous factors, including:

  • lack of sleep
  • illness or allergies
  • hereditary
  • poor nutrition

Try to make smart changes in your lifestyle to help you reduce the appearance of dark circles from the inside, out.

A woman with red hair and dark circles wearing a green knitted beanie.
Those with sensitive skin should pay special attention to under eye care.

In addition, you should invest in a high-quality eye cream. Look for one that contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to bind moisture around that very delicate under eye area. These specialized eye creams are very effective at helping you heal those dark shadows.

Please do note that when you’re handling the skin around your eye area, do so very gently. In fact, the skin under your eye is the thinnest skin on your entire body. Rough handling of that area will only make your condition worse.

Many of these creams do take time to work. This is an ongoing treatment that will require patience and diligence. Make it part of your daily skin care routine, morning and night. The payoff is worth the wait!

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Not sure what eye cream to try? Visit the department store makeup counter for advice on what formula is the best one for you.

A woman in a white t-shirt posing for the camera, showcasing dark circles.
Even women prone to dark circles can manage them with daily care.

Brightening the Eye Area

While your under eye area is under treatment for those shadowy circles, you’ll need to use a daily concealer to brighten up your appearance.

But, with all the concealer products today, have you selected the best product?

To really conceal effectively, the concealer must be a formula that will work well with your skin tone. Choose a concealer shade about one shade lighter than your foundation. The choice of whether you pre-conceal under your foundation or post-conceal after you apply foundation is yours. It really comes down to whatever does the best job to cover for you!

The Concealer Technique

Banishing dark circles and brightening the eyes
Concealer brush + great concealer = perfectly bright eyes. Designed by Freepik

Apply concealer in a “V” shape to avoid an unsightly raccoon-like appearance. In addition, this technique gives your face an elongated look, which is very flattering for older women who want to look more lifted.

Pat the concealer in and gently blend with a concealer brush. You do need to remember that a little concealer does go a very long way! You don’t want gobs of goopy mess to make matters worse!

If you are pre-concealing, apply your foundation as normal. Once you are done with both concealer and foundation, give the under eye area a dusting with setting powder. This will ensure that your mascara doesn’t stick to the area adding darkness back.

A young woman wearing glasses is looking up at the sky with dark circles around her eyes.
Concealer is important for women who wear eyeglasses, too! This is because the frames of the glasses can cast shadows, making under the eyes appear even darker.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes!

A woman getting her makeup done to conceal dark circles in a beauty salon.
Work gently under the eye area. People image created by V.ivash –
A close up of a woman with brown eyes emphasizing dark circles.
Bright-eyed beauty!

Now, look in the mirror and that gorgeous girl who’s looking back at you! The difference that under eye treatment plus a touch of well-applied concealer can make a world of difference!

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A woman is examining her dark circles in a mirror.
Who’s that beautiful thing with the bright eyes?



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