Inflatable animal pool floats – Your kids will love these

Kids are always attracted to water. They love to spend an infinite amount of time in pools. Right from swimming and taking dips to splashing water all over the place, floating on it, and simply playing around in the same. Therefore, getting them out of the pool is a tall task. And sometimes to get through with your mission, you may even have to use a fair bit of coaxing and cajoling.

This could be a fun activity for them but it helps build endurance and also boost their Vitamin D levels and help strengthen bones. So you can do your bit to double up their fun by getting them some cool, funky, and interesting inflatable animal pool floats. Kids will love these floaties for they are as fond of animals as they are of water.

Additionally, a pool float or swimming float, as it is also popularly known comes in handy for toddlers or young children when they are learning how to swim, or during exercise for restorative or training purposes.

Available in a plethora of animal shapes and colours, these floats are normally made of PVC plastic which gives these accessories much-needed buoyancy, drying time, and easy inflation.

Types of animal pool float for toddlers

Animal-shaped swim seat boat rings

Let your child’s first tryst at water be a fun and exciting ride with these colourful blue whales, sharks, tortoises, or giraffes. Ideal for children under three years, these assorted and kid-friendly designs are too attractive for your child to resist.

Furthermore, visually appealing colours like gorgeous green, radiant red, and bright yellow, are an instant hit with toddlers. Hence, if you want to introduce your child to swimming early, you can bet on these inflatable animal floats to keep them hooked on the water and take away all their fears.

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They will simply regale in the excitement of riding these cute animals while enjoying the coolness of the water. Plus, having inflatable animal pool floats is also an excellent way to teach your children about various animals and the animal kingdom in general.

So as you hand hold your child in the Fibreglass Pool Hervey Bay while they are adrift in the ring, briefing them about underwater and land animals can pique their interest in the species and encourage them to ask questions. Thus, boosting their cognitive development. In short, this can be an excellent example of fun-filled teaching.

Types of animal pool float for young kids

Unicorn Pool Float

If your kid is above three years, you can pick this one for them. A beautifully designed inflatable unicorn float in white with multiple colours, but predominantly pink wings, a tail, a mane, a yellow horn, and black beady eyes. With this super comfortable swimming float, your kid can spend hours in the pool. Additionally, this unicorn pool float comes with two heavy-duty handles for extra grip and safety.

Flamingo Pool Float

A pink and white flamingo-shaped floaty, this one will bring smiles to your kids’ faces. It is a perfect choice for children above three years, with its comfortable seating space and two strong handles for a better grasp. With this swimming float, your kid can simply lounge or play in the cool summer waters.

Peacock Pool Float

Large enough to accommodate kids above six years, this one is pure beauty. Atop this peacock swimming float, your kid will have a gala time strutting about and prancing around like a peacock in the water. Moreover, designed with the best quality PVC that meets Australian standards, you must add this to your list of summer accessories for your kids.

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Types of animal pool float for older kids

White Float Swan

What a unique way to start the summer by gifting your child a pristine white inflatable swan float to enjoy their watery rides. Kids will have a great time riding this floaty. Designed with hollow seating for reclining and handles for balance, this pool float is sure to give them a memorable time in the pool.

Inflatable Bull Rider

You may now teach your kid how to take the bull by the horn. And quite literally so. This is incredibly amusing for you. So you can only imagine how entertaining this can be for your kid. Suitable for children above nine years, this inflatable bull rider can be a top Christmas draw. Equipped with three air chambers and durable grab handles your kid can now take to the pool with aplomb.

Tully The Tiger

Although this is a backyard pool, you may also use it as a floaty for a slightly bigger pool. One with an attractive tiger stripe print, a soft inflatable floor for additional comfort, and Tully’s 3-D face and tail, this one-of-a-kind floaty is all you need to rev up the summer spirit in your child.

While inflatable pool floaties are great fun for your children, using them safely is a prerogative you must not ignore.

So as parents, below are the following things you should keep in mind.

Supervise – When your child is in the pool area, make sure you are around. Because a floaty is only a swimming aid and cannot be a substitute for parental supervision.

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Check if the floaty is suitable for your child’s age – Ensure the floaties are age and weight appropriate for your child.

Use them judiciously – Keep in mind that floaties are not safety devices. They are only swimming aids. So use them correctly.

Check before use – Only buy those floaties that have check valves with attached stoppers. Also, ensure there are no damaged or leaky valves.

Take away items when not in use – You must remove the swimming aids from the pool area when not in use. If you leave them unattended, it may entice your child to go and grab them. They may even attempt to go inside the water away from your prying eyes. So ensure you deflate all the inflatables when not in use and store them away safely from your children’s tender reach.


Kids love water. Kids love inflatable toys. A combination of these can be the ultimate fun for them.

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