How To Choose The Best Day To Move Home

A home being moved by a truck.

In a perfect world, you would be able to choose the exact day you want to move home. However, in most cases, the home purchasing process and other factors can make it difficult for you to decide on a specific moving day. 

For example, if you’re selling your home then you have no control over when a buyer will be found. But, locating a buyer defines the timeline for moving day. 

Time Of Year

For most people, the best time to move is the cheapest. Because buying and selling homes in winter is less popular, this is the best time to move. You’ll find that removal firms are more likely to offer special deals, encouraging you to move and make the most of the services they offer. 

However, if cost is no object you may prefer to book a slot with one of the best removalists Sydney in the summer. The price will be higher as there is more demand. But, your items are more likely to stay dry and the experience is infinitely more pleasurable when done in the sunshine. 

To be precise; late spring or early autumn are the times when you get the best moving weather. Mid-summer can be too hot to move boxes around. 

Consider School Holidays

If you feel that extra hands will make it easier to pack and unpack your items then you should look at setting a moving day during the school holidays. You’re likely to have extra pairs of hands to help you get everything sorted. 

It can make the process easier but it also makes it more enjoyable. This is especially relevant if you’ve decided to handle the move yourself. All the extra help you can get will be appreciated when loading the van. 

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes First-time Homeowners Make

Consider When You Are At Your Best

In general, you can load a small van with your belongings in an hour or two. That means you don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn if you’re not a morning person. Of course, if you need to be out of the house by a set time, you may want to consider packing your van the night before. There are no specific rules, you simply need to decide what works best for you and create your plan accordingly.

Book In Advance

Because summer is a popular time to move it’s normal for removalists to be fully booked. To ensure you get the slot you want or need, make sure you book early. If you don’t, you may find that you reach moving day but are unable to physically move your belongings.

You do need to allow some flexibility in your planning as you never know what can change at the last minute, such as the weather or issues with final releases of payment. Make sure you have a backup plan to allow for these issues.  With a little planning, your moving day can be stress-free, making the entire experience as enjoyable as possible.

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