5 Strategies to Achieve a Hassle-Free Move Out

A man moving out, carrying a box in a moving truck.

Moving is a pretty standard undertaking for humans. More so, if you happen to live in America. Stats show that about 60 percent of the American population maneuvers from one place to another every year. It is an astounding number. But, then again, this practice is so rampant because moving reasons vary from person to person. For job seekers, relocation is part and parcel of their life. Since employees are continually looking for better opportunities, they relocate frequently. 

Moving has its fair share of benefits. But before getting adjusted in the new house and starting afresh, one has to keep up several troubling errands. Drills like continuous packing, sorting, and lifting heavy items can easily take a toll on even the most organized homeowners. 

That said, you could take measures to turn moving into a trouble-free job. In case you have performed moving in the past, it could sound too good to be true. But before you dismiss our claim, try delving into the following moving strategies:  

1. Declutter

Decluttering entails getting rid of unwanted possessions. Think about it; if you dispose of the stuff that you no longer need, it will provide you massive relief while moving. To begin with, decluttering can save you from unnecessary packing. It will not only keep you at ease physically, but you can invest the same time somewhere else more productively. Moreover, having fewer items also means getting the job done in a budget-friendly fashion. 

Decluttering may seem like an enormous task at first glance. That is the biggest reason why a large proportion of movers outright overlook it. But we have simplified the decluttering process for you:  

  • Map out the criteria before throwing away anything. You could do it by asking questions to yourself, such as “When did I used this last time?” “Does it serve me any purpose?” “Will I stop using it after moving”? And so forth. It is highly advisable to detach yourself emotionally from objects as sentiments might trick you into letting go of useless things. 
  • As soon as you are done accumulating everything you do not want to take to the new house, divide the possessions into three categories – sell, donate, dump.
  • Set the deadline. Decluttering can go on for weeks if you do not practice discipline. By setting up a deadline, you are more likely to stay organized.
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2. Be careful while renting a moving truck

A moving company typically provides all the services associated with a move. However, naturally, it would charge a reasonable price in return. So if you have a tight budget, you may not be able to get movers onboard. But the requirement of a moving truck is virtually inevitable. The right moving truck will ensure all your belongings reach the desired location safe and sound. 

All the moving trucks are not the same. As a result, you can put yourself in a problematic situation by opting for a vehicle that might not adequately address your needs. However, it is best to consider a vital factor here. That is, determining the right size. Nailing the right size is very critical, especially for a long-distance move. Most of the renting companies will offer their expertise to evaluate the proper size after carefully observing clients’ possessions. Going by the rule of thumb, you should opt for the truck with 10 percent additional space at a minimum. 

3. Start planning early

Generally, moving does not take place abruptly. It tends to be a tactical process, and we are aware of it weeks or even months beforehand. Every mover should capitalize on this period to plan things. Early preparation can save you from a lot of issues. For instance, many people forget to bring numerous items to their new home. It happens because they get on with the packing only when the moving date is right around the corner. Once the rush takes over, we panic, which only brings the worst out of us.  

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On the other hand, if you start packing everything well before leaving the house, you can take time and chew on every single household product. Among other things, you may utilize this time to keep track of important documents related to the move. Furthermore, you can arrange packing supplies, map out the moving budget, and so forth.

4. Make sure to visit the new home before relocating

We are living in an era where technology holds the center stage. Hence, it could be tempting to see the HD pictures or videos of your new house rather than visiting it physically. But relying on visuals may not give you a clear idea about the measurement. Consequently, adjusting furniture and appliances could be a tough nut to crack. 

Aside from that, strolling down to the new house will help identify the convenient spot to place all the packed boxes and gradually open them. 

Sometimes your new property might also fall short of proper cleanliness. If you have relocated before, you would know the pain of tidying up space while making adequate arrangements to accommodate the possessions. Thus, it would be best to undertake the vacuuming a few days before shifting.  

5. Ask for help

It is good to be self-reliant, but moving could prove to be an overwhelming task if you do everything by yourself. Just packing a bunch of standard-size boxes could take hours for a non-professional packer.

Well, you can make your life a lot easier by asking for help from a neighbor, friend, or even family members. 

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The odds are, people around you would have moved at least once in their life. And they would be well-versed with agonies that are a direct byproduct of moving. So you are most likely to be facilitated by them one way or the other. 

The concluding remarks

Over the years, people have made a perception about moving that it is a daunting mission. But that is not entirely true, and every situation can vary depending on your planning. If you subscribe to the smart strategies mentioned above, you will swiftly relocate to your new humble abode.

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