Common Household Items to Repurpose in your Garden Today

A recycled violin made out of flowers in a garden.

It can be very easy to neglect your garden and focus on the decor inside of your home. You can be left with an overgrown mess of weeds and trees that need to be trimmed, and before you know it, it resembles a jungle rather than a space you can enjoy. 

There is never a bad time to get involved with a bit of garden DIY, and if you like a project or two, there are tons of ways you can use unwanted or commonly recycled items and repurpose them as useful items for your garden. Whether it’s repurposing items into patio furniture, garden decorations, planters, outdoor accessories, or more, there is always something that can be created. 

Want to know more? Have a look below at some of the items you could look at being repurposed into something wonderful for your garden.

Egg Carton Seedling Starter

You may have heard this before, however, egg cartons are great as containers for planting seeds that later need to be moved into pots. You can place them on your balcony, your kitchen, or the greenhouse to start growing your seedlings for planting in your garden. Simply cut away the lid and leave yourself with the egg tray, puncture a few holes using a pin in each egg hole, and fill evenly with soil. One seed per hole is perfect. Be careful not to overwater and make it soggy. 

Small seedlings are growing in a recycled white egg carton.

CreatePavements Using Recycled Bricks

You may not have red bricks just lying around at home, however, you can very often find them going for free on social media and preloved sites. They are certainly worth the effort too. They will make a statement and look beautiful in your garden. If you can’t get them for anything, you will find that people are looking for a really low price for them too. You can use them for creating paths in your garden as well as building things like vegetable patches and flower beds. 

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A woman is walking down a recycled path in a garden.

Cinder Blocks As Furniture Or Planters

If you have any construction sites nearby then you may be lucky to fall on a few cinder blocks for your garden. They can be extremely useful. You can create all sorts with them including furniture, an outdoor bar, or stack them to create planters. 

A recycled black concrete planter in a garden.

Recycled Old Tires 

If you have a car, then the chances are you will have an old tire or two in your garage. Stack them, paint them exuberant colors to use as planters, or attach wood to them to create a chair. They look brilliant, filled with colorful plants or mini trees. Stay away from growing veggies in them though, it’s best not to risk any chemicals or toxins. 

Black and white recycled crocheted ottomans on a wooden deck in a garden.

Various Containers 

There is a large variety of containers that can be recycled as pots for your garden. They need to have drainage holes (which you can always add) but apart from that pick any. Give them whatever look you want and add them around your garden. Whether you use old paint tins, food pots, or even bathtubs, you can paint them and decorate them however you want and add a splash of color to your patio. 

A recycled wooden bench with pots in the garden.

Colanders For Hanging Planters

You’ve probably only just clicked that this is a brilliant idea! They already have holes in them for perfect drainage and would look awesome painted in bright colors while hanging with colorful plants in them. 

Three recycled flower pots hanging in a garden.

Drawers For Planters

This may seem like a strange one, and you probably won’t have old drawers just lying around, but, next time you come to update your chest of drawers or cupboard drawers, you should definitely consider using them in your garden. You’re not limited by the type of drawer you use and there are tons of tutorials on platforms such as Pinterest to help you along. They make great planters and you can even stack them to make stands or even storage boxes. 

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A recycled blue planter with flowers in a garden.


Now, you can’t have a garden post without the use of some pallets. They have very quickly become something that you see in most gardens. These are one of the most versatile items that you use for a repurposing project in your garden. They can be used for making furniture, tables, box planters, corner seating, you name it. 

A swing bed made out of recycled pallets hanging from a tree in the garden.

 As you can see there are loads of different ways you can repurpose household items to use in your garden. However, these are just a few to get you started on creating the perfect garden and patio space. Have you recycled any other household items for use in your garden?

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