A Guide to Good Tree Care

A grassy field with tree care in the sunlight.

Most people look at trees as a natural garden feature that can be manipulated to suit, and while this might be true to a certain extent, trees require the right care and attention if you want them to flourish.

Tree lopping, for example, should be viewed as a last resort, not as an immediate solution. To remove the top section of a tree can be akin to a death sentence, and rather than carry out drastic measures, the tree can be pruned back to the desired shape and it will gradually fall into shape.

When is the Best Time to Prune?

Many Australian homeowners are asking this very question and while you might be thinking the spring is the best time of year to get the pruning shears out, it is actually better to carry out the pruning during the winter.

This is the tree’s dormant season and once it wakes in the spring, your pruning will spur new growth – which will give the tree a new lease of life. If you are looking for tree lopping in Perth, ask the arborist if lopping is the best treatment for your trees, rather than assume it is so.

Slowing the Growth 

If a tree is fast getting out of hand and you would like to hinder its growth in a safe way, prune at the end of the summer. This will have the opposite effect to pruning in the winter and come spring, there will be limited growth, although the climatic conditions do play a major role in how much growth a tree receives at any given time. 

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Pruning to Enhance Flowering

This should be done right after the flowers lose their bloom and the following season will see an increase in buds and therefore, flowers. There are many online resources for specific gardening issues and with pruning and general tree care, it does depend on the species and climate.

If you live in Perth, for example, and would like to know about oak, there are online forums where you can post specific questions, or better still, call your local arborist and ask for his opinion.

Nourish the Ground

If you want your trees to be healthy, you should regularly nourish the ground. Start by using a garden fork to aerate the soil and put some dry compost around the base of the tree (wider circle with large trees) and then water thoroughly.

Using food waste, you can create your very own compost corner and this can be applied to the trees during the spring time, which will aid growth and maintain good health.

Avoid tree removal whenever possible and by consulting with a qualified arborist, you will be aware of all the options and can make an informed decision. If you would like to make contact with a local tree specialist, a Google search will bring up a list of local companies and with their expert advice, you can begin to treat your trees with the care and attention they deserve.

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