Mesmerising Examples of Home Mezzanine Balconies



A quirky floor that provides a balcony to the floor beneath it, mezzanine features add more levels and floor space to your home. Depending on the height it can create a staged area for projection or private area away from your room’s main floor.

Mezzanines can give privacy and separation to studio homes with few rooms (

You need a level of openness to live this way, but a mezzanine bathroom means that you’re so much closer to the rest of your home’s functions.

For a larger open plan home, go for a multi plan option and escalate one area of your home to your mezzanine (

This mezzanine living room has the perfect space – separate from living and dining but close enough for casual living and communication.

A temporary mezzanine balcony can give you much more floor space in a bedroom (

You can self-build a mezzanine in any room with high enough ceilings, giving you more floor space for a larger bed, and a separate area for working, studying, or relaxing.

You can use a mezzanine as a stage and space for more decoration and colour (

If you’re into lots of décor and draped soft furnishings, escalating your bed into a mezzanine balcony gives you more places to hang things from, and adds adventure to the room.

Double your floor space with a cool and compact mezzanine bed (

Almost like a permanent cabin-style bed, a mezzanine bed provides valuable floor space for another bed, storage, or working area.

Give your bedroom an entire new function with a sleek mezzanine bed and extra room for living (

Sleek décor and clever lighting differentiates each area of this bedroom depending on its use.

Turn your mezzanine into an en-suite bathroom for real openness and a clever use of space (

Lift yourself up from the rest of the home with this stunning en-suite mezzanine escape. Plenty of windows and lots of space help to make it relaxing.



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