10 Tips for Restoring Your Old Roof Back to Its Original Glory 

A man restoring an old roof.

There are certain things in a home that get worn down quickly. It may be due to excessive use or exposure to the elements. 

But, one thing’s for sure, fixing up parts of your home will become inevitable at some point. Some might require fixing more often, some will require minimal effort.  

The roof is one thing that will need regular maintenance, but replacing or repairing could be made only when necessary. If your roof is very well cared for, then you can expect it to be in good condition for a longer time.  

However, there’ll be a time when the roof is just looking more worn down than ever! At this time, getting it checked for damage and leaks would be good. But, there might not be any severe damage to your roof. It just looks weather-beaten. For this situation, a roof restoration might be what you need. Instead of completely replacing the whole roof, restoration could cost you much less. Best of all, the finished product is fantastic, and you might even think it’s brand new!  

So, if you think that your roof needs restoring, here are some tips that could help you out:  

Know when you need help

We get it. Not everyone can be a handyman. Besides, a roof restoration is probably entirely foreign for ordinary people anyway. You need to know certain things when fixing up a roof, like looking for leaks, assessing damage, knowing what needs to be done, and getting the right materials together.  

But, there are some things that you need to consider when getting roofing services. The first is if your insurance covers the whole process. Communication is essential for any big project like this one, so don’t be shy to ask questions!  

Getting estimates is also necessary to make sure if it’s within your budget. Comparing estimates between different companies is expected. If you can, negotiate the prices before making your final decision. Having your roof inspected is also a must. It’s impossible to get an accurate estimate if companies don’t assess your roof’s whole situation anyway.  

Roof restoration is a lot for one person, and who says you have to do it alone? Call in a group of experts to lend you a hand with roof restorations Perth. There are tons of companies that specialize in this.

A man is restoring an old roof.

Dealing with the mess

Roof restoration can be messy. Roofing, wood, and all kinds of clutter will be all over the place! By the time the whole process is done, your gorgeous roof won’t be the center of attention; it’s going to be the pile of mess outside your house.  

The clean up after the restoration is going to be an essential part of the whole process. Thankfully, other services out there can help you out with skip bins Perth.  

Safety first

 First of all, working on your roof is going to be a risky situation. Being in such a high place without any precautions is just asking for trouble. For this, make sure that you have the necessary protective gear.  

You’ll also need to dress for the job. Wear clothes that won’t get in the way of the task, and wear shoes with rubber soles, so you don’t end up slipping. Finally, getting someone to help you out is also a good idea.  

Locating the problems  

There might be a few cracks, leaks, and rot on your roof. Knowing exactly where and how bad the problems are will be necessary before you start working on each one. This will make it easier to move from one part of the roof to another.  

Trying to locate the problem areas as you’re doing repairs is going to last longer. Take one day with your helper to identify all of the issues before working on the actual repair and restoration. 

Roofing materials

Getting the right and the best roofing materials is right up there on your priority list. By getting the best roofing materials, you can avoid dealing with cracks and issues regularly. Tiles are highly advised. 

Use the right tools

If you want to be a competent handyman, studying up on tools and their different uses is going to be invaluable. Here are some tools that are great for roofing:  

  • Roofing broom and a roof rake 
  • Air compressor 
  • Safety harnesses 
  • Ladders, extension ladders, and a ladder hoist 
  • Roofing brackets 
  • Drill 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Roofing hammer 
  • Roofing shovel 
  • Roofing nail guns 
  • Roofing blade 
  • Roofing shoes 
  • Caulking gun 
  • Chalk line tools 
  • Tarps 
  • Pry bar 
  • Sawhorses 
  • Reciprocating and circular saws 

Now, some of the things on this list aren’t essential. It all depends on what work your roof needs! 

Right installation

Even if you get the best roofing materials and high-end tools, if you don’t follow the right installation method, then it’s no good. You can study how to properly install roofing, watch videos, or ask a professional. 

Concrete sealant  

If a leaky roof is a usual problem in your household, then going for a high-quality sealant will be the better choice. It lasts longer in comparison to ones that are cheaply made. While you’re at it, remember to reseal the chimney, as this part is notorious for leaks.  

Long-lasting paint

Roof paint isn’t just used because it looks good; it’s also for added protection. Buying roof paint that can withstand harsh weather conditions is the way to go.  

Clean up the gutters regularly

If there’s anything else you forgot, it’s probably cleaning up the gutters. The funny thing is that remembering to clean the gutters can be more complicated than actually cleaning the gutters. Setting out regular dates to clean out the gutters would be your best bet to getting it done. Do it before the weather gets too horrid to get up on the roof! 


Roof restoration can be just as tricky as doing various roof repairs. While roof restorations sound simple, it isn’t just about painting the roof. It includes doing some repairs, which does require expertise, knowledge, and experience. Getting it serviced by professionals would be your best bet. But, it would be fantastic to get up there with them to watch and learn about the process if you plan to do it yourself next time!

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