4 Things to Get Fixed Up in Your Home

A white and grey house with a lawn in the back yard is fixed up home improvement.

When your home hasn’t seen much attention in recent months, then there may be some areas that require fixing up. While not all of the fixes will be something you can attend to yourself – damage from a storm is certainly one to skip – there’s still much to get on with.

Here are four things to get fixed up in your home.

1. Storm Damage Inspection and Repairs

The weather patterns are getting more variable and storms are arriving with greater frequency. As a result, homeowners are unfortunately bearing the brunt of the problem.

Issues like building siding, roof shingles being missing, or damage caused to the home by flying debris can all contribute to repairs that need attending to. It’s a good idea to get storm damage repairs managed quickly because should another storm appear on the horizon, it could leave the home more vulnerable the next time. This is especially true in the case of roofing issues, but it does apply elsewhere too.

2. Resolve Leaking Water Faucets

While you won’t think much about the lost water from several leaky faucets, it is still a waste that adds up over the years on your water bill. It’s also true that the ongoing drip.. drip.. drip sound is kind of irritating after a while too.

Fixing the faucet isn’t often a case of tightening the connections to see if that resolves it. However, sometimes it’s an indicator that an internal part has worn out and needs replacing. By running through a good repair process, you can isolate the cause and figure out what parts will be required.

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With a little know-how, it’s most likely something you can deal with yourself at a minimal cost.

3. Old Paintwork in Need of Some Attention

The paintwork on certain walls may be fading and filled with smudges from kids that have grown up and left their mark. In any case, when the wall is clearly in need of a fresh coat of paint, then don’t shy away from the task.

A weekend with a set of paint rollers and the right shade of paint, along with a pair of overalls and some floor protection from paint splashes is all you’ll require. Just make sure you’re happy with the paint color before you begin and check how many coats you’ll need to do the job right.

4. Fixing or Replacing the Front Doorbell

The front doorbell may have become unreliable of late. That’s not too surprising if it’s an older type that’s already given many years of dedicated service without prior complaints!

The question will be, should you attempt to trace the problem back to the source to fix it by replacing a wire or replacing the current doorbell?

Or, would you prefer to give up the ghost and switch to a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell with a video link to see who’s visiting from the comfort of your armchair? When you think about it, this might be one fix you’d rather avoid in favor of new technology.

Pick the best time to tackle these as individual projects. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do more than one at a time as it’s easy to come unstuck.

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