The Signs of a Failing AC Fan Motor

An AC fan motor attached to the side of a building.

In the summertime, it’s vital to have an AC unit running in your house, especially here in Florida. This motorized device ensures that cool air flows throughout and keeps you comfortable all day long. The most common problems are the AC fan motor. 

The ones responsible for circulating said: “cool” offerings around our homes. Luckily though, if something goes wrong here, then fixing or replacing this part can solve many problems at once (and save some money).

Does your air conditioning system seem to be inefficient? Do you notice that it’s blowing hot or cold air, even when the settings are balanced between these two options? Are there warning signs on the panel telling about an AC fan motor being low in power? 

If so, then read this article. And learn more information regarding what are the signs of a failing AC fan motor before they could lead to something worse, like a blown fuse.

AC Fan Motor: Get To Know Your Unit Better

An air conditioning system is a big machine, and the fan motor is one of its most essential parts. It has one vital job: moving hot air outside to keep it cooler. 

For instance, when we’re on our roof deck with an ice cream cone or sitting by that pool drinking some lemonade (a childhood favorite). It also makes sure cool breezes flow through the ductwork into every room in your home so you can stay comfortable at all times as well.

The AC unit relies on a fan motor to turn the vents which blow cool or warm air into your house. When this is not working properly, it can cause major problems with temperature control because there will be no flow of sufficient amounts for comfort levels – so keep yours well maintained.

7 Signs Your Dealing With an AC Fan Motor is Malfunctioning

When your air conditioner breaks down, it’s difficult to know where the problem lies. But these seven signs will help you identify a failing AC fan motor.

Your AC Fan Does Not Turn On

Even though you have turned on the air conditioning, it still doesn’t work.

Rattling, Humming, and Buzzing Noises

The condenser makes some noise when it is on but should not be making so much noise, and sounds like knocking and clunking can indicate problems with your air conditioning fan motor, while loud buzzing sounds may also point out an issue that needs attention from you as well.

No Cold Airflow

The fan is the essential weapon in your arsenal when fighting condensation. If there’s no cold air coming out from behind these blades, then chances are good that they’re not working as efficiently, which could lead to even more problems downrange.

Fan Blades are Rotating Slowly

Something is not right with your fan. Your blades might be spinning, but they are turning so slowly that you can see them moving in slow motion. It could mean there is an issue with the motor.

Fan Blades are Acting Weird

When your air conditioner is on, the fan blades should be spinning. If there’s something wrong with the motor and it causes vibrations or clicking noises to come from inside, you can hear this when cooling off at night. Then, beware because these are signs of a problem.

Your Air Conditioner is Cutting Out Periodically

Have you noticed your air conditioner cutting out periodically at odd intervals? If this is happening, it could be because the motor has overheated. An overheating AC can cause various issues, including relays or technical difficulties concerning how they work themselves.

The Outside Fan Blades Are Not Moving

If your AC is on, you can hear the compressor. If there’s no noise or movement from the fan blades when it should be doing so, then something might have gone wrong with them.

How To Check An AC Fan Motor

How will you know that your AC fan motor is not working? First, check the breaker box and make sure that no power surges have happened recently, which may cause an issue with air conditioning. 

Second, make sure there are no blocked vents underneath where moisture gathers easily. Make sure to check that your air filter is clean.

You should always make sure the condenser fan blades are functioning and nothing is blocking them before trying to operate a unit. You can also have your capacitor tested if you want.

Keep It Cool and Don’t Feel Cruel Heat

Paying close attention to the symptoms of an AC motor could save you from a nightmare down the road. If not attended to, these problems can also lead to many other costly complications such as higher energy bills, or even worse for some people, their comfort.

It is summertime in Florida, and air conditioning units are highly susceptible to wear-and-tear. If you notice any of these signs, it is best not to wait for problems to occur and schedule an AC repair at AC Care Heat & Air  in Florida.

The AC Company in Port St. Lucie, FL, can help keep your system running smoothly year-round so that every day is comfortable without worrying about repairs or maintenance costs later down the road.

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