5 Trendy Landscaping Tips for Improving Your Backyard

A green grassy area with improved landscaping.

A backyard one can be proud of is something all property owners strive for. Typically, it is more casual and colourful than the front of your house and has an increased functionality, as it serves as a rest and relaxation place, as well as a space where you entertain your guests in the warmer months. How to make your outdoor space realize its full potential? Here are the top five trendy landscaping tips for improving your backyard.

Take Advantage of Native Plants

The first trend on our list is called xeriscaping, so a process of landscaping that uses native plants that usually thrive in your local climate. Local plants are typically a cheaper option and help you reduce stress when it comes to maintaining your backyard. Since it is a fairly new landscaping technique, make sure to consult with your local landscaping company Saskatoon, to choose the most suitable plants from the region. Note that notes that xeriscaping works best in tandem with a ground cover that matches the style of the house.

Add Lighting Elements

Carefully-placed and simple lighting features will make the most ordinary backyard look and feel just a bit more magical. Outdoor lights have also got more affordable recently, and more different designs are available for you to choose from. In many cases, you may not even need any additional electrical wiring, because modern lights, LEDs especially, can be solar-powered. Put some stunning lights along the edge of your garden, or use spotlights to emphasize points of interest like large plants or trees.

Upcycle Whatever You Can

You would be surprised at how many items can be upcycled and add value to your backyard. Be innovative with what you have on hand, save money, and give old items a new life. Redecorate old pots to make them look new, make a feature out of an old tyre, use rocks and stones to edge out your lawn, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity guide you and be more eco-friendly when it comes to your landscaping choices.

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Opt for Bright Coloured Blooms for Big Impact

To make sure that your backyard is like no other in the local area, opt for some variation when it comes to the colour of your flowers and plants. Flowering plants with colourful, bright blooms should help you fill the space, more effectively and draw the eye in. Look for colours that complement or offset the shades of your home’s exterior walls. You can look up sites of popular landscapers, like PLC Plus, for some more inspiration. A bright flowerbed can add some character to any backyard out there.

Modern Rain Barrel for Those that Care About the Planet

Rain water is very much an underestimated landscaping practise, while rain water harvesting has never been easier. This is why, if you want to stay ahead of the times, you should construct a rain barrel to collect rain to then water your lawn and garden. You can buy an already made barrel, or do it yourself by following one of many straightforward tutorials you can find online. Rain barrels traditionally don’t look very much appealing, but you can decorate it to match your aesthetic. This landscaping trend will lower your water bills and help the environment at the same time, a landscaping win-win situation.

Final Thoughts

Landscaping is the perfect project to help you enjoy your time at home after a long day of work. These five tips should enable you to upgrade and modernize your backyard to the newest standards. Figure out a style, choose materials and plants, and create an oasis in the middle of the city.

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