10 Incredible Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

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Reap these 10 incredible benefits of drinking water every day. In fact, once you read these benefits, you’ll want to go pour a tall glass right away.

A girl in a white hat posing in front of pink flowers and drinking water.
Hydrated skin is pretty skin.

Our cells are over 70% made up of water. It’s vital to every process of your body from skin to digestion. So, it turns out your mother was right when she told you to drink those 8 glasses per day!

Incredible Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water:

Hydrated and Healthy Skin

Treat yourself to hydrated, healthy-looking skin by drinking water every day. Your skin needs water to make the cells look plump, healthy, and glowing. This will help your skin stay younger looking throughout the years.

A beautiful woman in a blue sari posing in front of a wall, drinking water.
Glowing skin is a bonus!

Wrinkle Prevention

Indeed, those plumped up skin cells have another amazing effect. You’ll show fewer lines and wrinkles. In addition to being those cells being plumped up, which prevents wrinkling, you’ll help avoid crepey-looking dry skin that can cause more lines to appear.

A woman sitting at a table with a laptop and a cup of coffee, not drinking water.
Radiant and wrinkle-free skin can result from proper hydrations.

Shining Hair

You can reach your goal of shinier, healthier hair by drinking enough water. Because water helps your body process the absorption of key vitamins and minerals that add to hair health, your hair will be shinier.

Stronger Hair Strands

Did you know that each of your hair strands is made up of about 25% water? Keeping yourself well-hydrated will keep those hair strands healthy in balance. This means they will be healthy, strong, and less likely to break.

A young woman drinking water in a field of dandelions.
Grow your hair long and strong.

No More Dandruff

Proper water consumption contributes to a healthy scalp by keeping your scalp environment balanced. In turn, this eliminates dandruff from forming.

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Eliminates Ruddy Skin

Water also helps to eliminated red or ruddy looking skin. This is because it helps to flush impurities out of the body. These impurities include those which can cause inflammation of the skin.

Water can help put an end to the red and ruddy skin that many experience.

Flatten Your Tummy

In addition to these other benefits, drinking plenty of water can help you appear to have a flatter tummy. This is because water regulates your digestive system and will eliminate that bloated look that you can get from time to time.

In conjunction with diet and exercise, water can help you achieve the figure you want.

Fresher Breath

Those who drink water after a meal have fewer mouth odors and fresher breath. The most frequent cause of bad breath is caused by bacteria forming on food particles that are left in the mouth after eating. Water will help to flush these away. Therefore, your breath will be cleaner smelling.

A woman with orange nails drinking water.
Drink water to freshen up your breath after a meal if you can’t get to a toothbrush.

Fighting Back Against Sunburn

If you’ve ever spent too much time out in the sun, you may have experienced the pain of sunburn. Water will help your body re-regulate its temperature from the inside as well as help prevent blistering and scarring of the skin.

Two women enjoying a beach day with a bottle of beer.
Water can alleviate the pain of sunburn.

Stronger Nails and Cuticles

No more dry, brittle nails! Just as water delivers moisture to your hair and skin, your nails will also benefit from adequate hydration. Hydration assists nails grow longer and stronger with less breakage. In addition, cuticles will have a healthy, pink appearance instead of looking dry or dull.

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A woman is using a cell phone while sitting at a desk.
Natural nails benefit from drinking water.

The Takeaway

If you are looking to improve your overall beauty, remember to include drinking water. It’s a vital part to keep your body healthy from the inside to the outside.

10 incredible beauty benefits of drinking water.
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