When to Replace an Electrical Panel

The control center for all electrical circuits in your building is an electrical panel. Electrical panel failure may pose some dangers to the occupants of a building. The circuit box won’t effectively function if it is old or faulty. You can hire a licensed electrician for electrical panel replacement.

Faulty Electrical Panel Can Be Dangerous

An electrical panel or circuit box distributes electricity throughout a building and protects the wiring and electrical appliances from overload. Usually, the circuit box is located in the central part of the building, like the basement or utility room. The main circuit breaker and other circuit breakers that control individual circuits in a building are found in the electrical panel.

It is best to replace the electrical panel if you are moving into an old home. The existing circuit box may be unable to power the modern electronics and appliances you brought. Eventually, your circuit box will show signs of failure due to overload. An experienced and licensed electrician can properly perform electrical panel replacement in Laval.

Signs of a faulty electrical panel

Most circuit boxes can’t accommodate the electronic devices found in modern homes. Consequently, problems will likely pop up when you use multiple electronics or appliances simultaneously. The following telltale signs indicate that your electrical panel needs repair or replacement.

  • Flickering or dimming of light when appliances or electronics are in use.
  • Sparks coming out from the outlets or panel.
  • Blown fuses or frequent tripping of the circuit breaker.
  • Buzzing or hot switches or outlets.
  • Frequent power outages or surges.
  • Charring or burn marks around the wiring or on the electrical panel.
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Getting a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical panel once you notice any of these signs is best. A faulty circuit box can be a serious safety hazard. It can also cause damage to your appliances and home. Besides, an upgrade is necessary if your home is over 20 to 30 years. Your electrical panel should be according to modern building codes, with a fuse for each circuit.

Dangers of a faulty electrical panel

All the circuit breakers for a house are within an electrical panel. However, there may be sub-panels if there are additions to the building. A regulated quantity of current flows through each breaker. Consequently, an overload or a short can cause a breaker to trip and cut the power supply, protecting the circuit.

A faulty electrical panel can pose several dangers to a building and its occupants. Some potential safety hazards of a faulty electrical panel are:

Shock: Damaged or loose wires or an electrical panel that is not properly grounded can result in electrical shocks to anyone who comes in contact with them.

Fire: Sparks and overheating resulting from a faulty electrical panel can ignite nearby materials resulting in a fire.

In some cases, a faulty electrical panel can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Electrical panel failure can cause appliances to release toxic gas into the air. Unfortunately, inhalation of carbon monoxide can be deadly. Besides, a faulty electrical panel can cause power outages and surges, damaging electronics, and appliances.

Once you notice a faulty electrical panel, get a licensed electrician to replace or repair it. Replacing it is a dangerous and complex task. Hiring an experienced professional for electrical panel replacement in Laval is necessary.

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