Who Makes DuroMax Generators? What Sets Them Apart?

DuroMax Generators

DuroMax generators are a popular power source for household, camping, and work usage. Still, only a few people know who makes them or what distinguishes them from other generators. 

This post discusses who makes DuroMax generators, why they are popular, and this brand’s unique features. 

We’ll also answer personal concerns, such as; 

  • Should you buy a DuroMax generator? 
  • How much do they cost? 
  • Do they have a warranty? And if they do, how long does the cover last?

First things First: Who Makes DuroMax Generators?

DuroMax Power Systems is the company behind these backup units. The Ontario, California-based firm has been making generators since 2003. 

DuroMax generators are designed to be quiet, powerful, easy to use/maintain, and last long. Their range includes gas, diesel, propane, and dual-fuel. 

DuroMax Power offers units for homes, farms, camping, construction sites, or any other project you can think of!

The company has a rich line of products classified into five series, including the:

  • HX series: a group of high-end units built for power and long running times.
  • E EH Series: the first-ever and bestselling line of open-frame units
  • HXT Series: features a single product; the world’s biggest tri-fuel portable unit.
  • IH Series: a promising line of high-end inverter generators.

Finally, they have the X DX Series, a new line of portable generators.

What Sets DuroMax Apart from Other Products?

DuroMax generators are a durable, dependable, and efficient option for your backup power needs. 

They have many features that set them apart from other generators. Here are some of their top qualities:


All DuroMax generators are built tough with cast iron sleeves to protect from engine vibration. These heavy-duty generators can handle extreme conditions. 

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You never want to be stuck without power when you need it most! With a fully automatic voltage regulator, your lights will always stay on when needed.


DuroMax generators are also incredibly efficient. Each unit comes with quality controls to ensure top performance hence less fuel usage over time. 


DuroMax generators are relatively inexpensive, making them popular among those on a budget. They also have durable engines that last for years, saving you thousands in the long run. 

Plus, you can switch to the more affordable fuel if you have a dual-fuel version.


DuroMax generators are Environment Protection Agency (EPA) compliant. They give off fewer emissions ensuring cleaner air.  

Impressive Features in DuroMax Generators

DuroMax generators boast many unique features, including:

  • The dual-fuel tech, which enables them to run on gasoline or propane. 
  • They also feature an idle control that auto-shuts down the engine when not in use to save fuel. 
  • DuroMax generators come with high-quality mufflers designed to reduce noise.
  • Their low-oil detector feature shuts the generator down if it’s running out of oil. 
  • They also have overload breakers built into their circuit boards to prevent damage from power spikes.
  • DuroMax units have inverters that allow you to power up an entire house with one machine 
  • The HX series comes with Carbon monoxide detection & warning systems
  • Also, you get 120-volt outlets for running appliances during a storm or other emergency. 

Lastly, these generators are known for their sturdy build. They are also easy to start and run!

Does DuroMax Offer a Warranty?

Yes. The company trusts its products and cares for its customers. All its generators come with a warranty.

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A DuroMax unit typically has a warranty lasting 1-2 years. However, the exact length of the warranty may vary depending on the product and the terms of purchase.

How Can I Make the Most of My DuroMax Unit?

Always follow the maker’s manual to make the most of your backup power source. 

If your DuroMax generator has a manual start feature, you must understand how to use it correctly. With this type, you must pull the starter cord to turn on the fuel pump, then turn the choke knob to pressurize the carburetor. 

These types also include safety features, e.g., spark plugs that shut off when unneeded and an auto-timer that shuts off at 15 minutes. 

If you need help understanding something, refer to your owner’s manual for further info. 

Should I Buy a DuroMax Generator?

Yes, DuroMax generators are worth considering. They have the essential features you need at a reasonable price. 

A DuroMax generator will provide years of service if you take care of it. Plus, it has a warranty if it breaks down soon after purchase. Lastly, it is an affordable way to get backup power because it’s built to be efficient.

What Now?

There are various DuroMax generators on the market, each with outstanding features. But all DuroMax units share one common trait: they are designed to last. They also come in different sizes, designs, fuel preferences, and types, so you can find the right unit for your needs.

Customers say they are durable, user-friendly, reliable, and worth the investment. With proper maintenance, these units can last 20-25 years.

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You can compare your options and purchase one online at Amazon, The Home Depot, or The Generator Factory Outlet.

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