5 Metal Art Ideas to Spruce Up an Old and Boring House

Are you frustrated with how your house looks? You would seriously consider moving out and starting from scratch in a different place, but you realize it is not possible? If that’s what you feel right now, know that you are not alone. But the good news is, there is no need to completely change your house. Simply adding a few items will spruce up the look of your home.

If you’re wondering how to do it, you can solve this problem with the help of metal works of art. Although there are a plethora of interior design ideas emerging today, metal artworks appear to be the majority’s cup of tea.

If you’re asking why, the reason is rather simple and clear: they are low maintenance, they are offered in a wide range of forms, sizes, and colors, and there’s always a piece that will suit everyone’s preference.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some metal art that can be a good fit for your house.

Metal Decorative Items Ideas for Your Home

Trying to install a metal piece of art may seem intimidating at first, but innovation always makes people uncomfortable. While some people prefer glass if they’re going for a contemporary vibe, metal is also a wonderful material to use for your decors as you can personalize it to match your preferences or even create something from it and transform it into an exciting DIY project. Let’s explore some concepts that might interest you.

1. Metal Frames for Photos

Photos and frames could be a fun way to experiment with your interior decorations, whether you prefer a vintage or minimalist style.

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Additionally, they don’t always need to include photographs. Do not attempt to organize them in a completely symmetrical manner; instead, leave them blank and you will be amazed at how nice and aesthetically pleasant they can seem. Asymmetrical shapes look more appealing.

2. Metal Sculpture

Metal sculpture of a man carrying a bucket.

People have issues decorating their homes with custom sculptures for the longest time as they seem “too much”. However, the fact that it is a decor you don’t often see in every home makes it much better.

Most people begin with tiny sculptures, such as miniatures, but if you’re brave and open to trying something new, go for a huge abstract sculpture. Also, choose the right type of lighting to ensure that it enhances the color and texture of the material.

3. Metal Signage and Scriptures

For anyone seeking something completely personalized, signs are some of the most wonderful ideas. You can have a sign made with the initials of your family, the names of your kids, motivational sayings, basically anything. The options are limitless.

Determined by the size and inspiration, you may also put these signs on your bookshelf or mount them on the wall over your bed.

4. Metal Shelves

Metal furniture is a terrific option to get pieces that are practical and still appear like beautiful forms of art if you don’t prefer abstract sculptures or other pieces that simply serve the aesthetics. To start, made-to-order bookshelves are excellent, but you may also buy gorgeous side tables and other furnishings.

Making shelves is simple, and a skilled welder may create anything from clean and simple to more challenging materials like wrought iron.

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5. DIY Metal Projects

When it comes to DIY projects, this heavily relies on what you currently have or the ones you can find in this case, but there are countless possibilities.

You can even make your own custom sculptures, cabinets, etc., which may depend on the equipment you own and use, but it’s easier to discover a new use for an item you already own. You can build a flowerpot to be placed in the kitchen out of an old metal water can or cheese grater, or you can make a note board out of wire. If you’re on a tight budget but still wish to upgrade your home, this is a terrific choice.

Choosing the Proper Metal Type for the Artwork

Even though some people enjoy a worn-out and rustic chic aesthetic, metal pieces of art are not always gray and rusted. Bronze, copper, and brass appear to be the most in demand right now, regardless of whether they’re shiny or matte in appearance.

However, you may also get all colors of gray, black, and gold. Take note of the material’s texture as well.

It is nearly impossible to go wrong, regardless of what you choose. Any metal tone fits in with various materials and hues in our house so well, which is what makes them so versatile and well-liked. They can help every space in your house, from the dining room to the bathroom, appear special and more stylish and contemporary.


Feel at liberty to explore and change things around in your living area’s decor; you don’t need to be a trained designer to do this. Begin with smaller items and slowly increase the amount of metal in your home if you are unsure whether the metal is the best material for you.

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