Best Tree Surgeon Petersfield 

The battle against nature never gets old. As hard as we try to cohabit, it just doesn’t always seem to end right.

Certainly, trees are wonderful. They are an amazing sight to behold. However, as remarkable as they can be, they can also be a source of discomfort. How? They can grow old, decay and cause menace.

To be forewarned, they say, is to be forearmed, right? Well, to be ready for future incidents with your tree, you need the best tree surgeon in Petersfield. Alpine Tree Surgeon, Petersfield has got you covered!

We are your go-to tree surgeon in case of emergencies. We are reliable and trust us, you’ll be left satisfied with our services. 

We’ve satisfied a lot of Petersfield residents and the reviews are there to speak for our amazing job.

We are the tree care company that can meet your tree needs. We are the best! Hire us today and be satisfied!

Our Services!

  • Tree removal

Is your tree causing an unpleasant scene and do you need to remove it? Or is it getting too old and starting to decay? Or has it recently been infected by disease? Whatever the cause may be, you need to remove the tree in good time.

If you fall in that category, you can count on us to help with tree removal. We are professionals and in no time, we’ll take down the tree. All you have to do is to hire us and we get the job done.

Tree removal is a very dangerous process, so don’t go about trying it yourself. Hire the right experts, hire us!

  • Tree trimming

As I stated earlier, your trees can be an unpleasant sight and can disfigure your home and environment as well.

Luxurious And Breath-taking Shower Room Designs

When you’ve had enough of the tree’s ugliness and decide to trim it to beauty, you can count on us to do that!

We are experts and certified. We can help trim the branches of your tree in good time to improve its health and aesthetic as well. 

  • Stump removal

Stumps are troublesome and can prove difficult to get off the ground. If you have a new property that you plan on developing and you have a couple of stumps disturbing, contact us to help remove it.

Stump removal isn’t something you should think of doing yourself. It requires what we call the 3E’s  (Expertise, Experience and Equipment).

  • Tree risk assessments

We have great knowledge of trees. Both their structure and growth. So, if you seek to undertake a risk assessment of your tree, you can count on us to give accurate information.

We can run risk assessments on your tree for both health and physical elements.

More so, if what you want is a tree removal permit, rely on us to take an accurate risk assessment of your tree. 

  • Root pruning

Another tree care process that you shouldn’t undertake by yourself is root pruning. Without prior knowledge of the process, you can damage your tree.

So, the next time you need to remove parts of the root of your tree, ensure that you contact us.

Don’t engage in any DIY root pruning process so that you won’t damage or end up killing your tree.

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