What Gutter Experts Would Like You To Know: 4 Secret Tips

Two orange hard hats on the roof of a building being inspected by Gutter Experts.

Maintaining a home is no easy feat. There is so much to do and look out for to keep the machine running smoothly. We might be focusing on interior decor, upkeep of our gardens, and other areas but may miss out on some crucial aspects of a home that require regular attention and care, for example – gutters. 

The gutter system is a vital component that needs to be built and maintained to protect our houses and properties. It is often considered an afterthought and looked into once it’s either clogged or broken, causing massive damage. 

When it comes to installation you should get in touch with gutter experts to get the job done professionally and on time. However, you need to have ample baseline knowledge on all things gutter-related. Here is a detailed guide on everything you need to know.

You need to think about the design

If you are in the process of having gutters fitted in or plan to in the future, experts insist on pausing and thinking about the system’s design. While this may sound unimportant, you need to consider that since they are an extension of your roof, they add to the aesthetics of your overall house. 

Having well-designed gutters are essential if you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal, so think about this step carefully. The length and width should be measured appropriately based on your requirements. For the length, it’s easy to measure the length of your roof along the slope. 

The width is important because you don’t want the gutter to be too big or too small. Installing a wide gutter might be against building regulations, so be mindful to check. Also, estimate the volume of rainfall your area receives and adjust the width to withstand the rain. 

Select the right materials 

A roof installation by Gutter Experts.

Once you have the design in the bag, you need to turn your attention to the right material for building the gutter system. This is where you might feel clueless, having not thought about gutters in the past. Not to worry, our experts will walk you through different options. One thing to note is that when selecting the right material, you should research the strength, quality, price, and durability of different options. The selection will be based on your needs and budget, but it is best to be fully informed beforehand. 

Some commonly used materials include steel, vinyl, and copper, and each comes with its list of pros and cons, so remember to read through every detail. Our suggestion would always be to opt for a premium material that will last years, even if the price is higher. It’s a one-time investment that will save you a lot of grief of having to change and repair gutters made from cheaper, unreliable material. 

Learn about gutter installation

Once you have the materials sorted, let’s move on to installation. There are two approaches to getting this done. If you are on a budget and have the tools and skillset to take on a DIY project, you can learn how to install a gutter yourself. There are tutorials online which will tell you exactly how to go about the process. 

The other option is to opt for a professional installation service. Do proper research on your local service providers and get a quotation for the project. Our experts advise getting multiple quotations to ensure that you are hiring the right people for the job. Be sure to go over reviews and get feedback before making the pick. Once the price and contractor are finalized, you can have them come over and start building. 

While both options are acceptable depending on your situation, we encourage people to go for professional installation companies because they will get it right the first time and save you your precious time. 

Don’t forget about maintenance 

Expert gutter installation resulting in icicles hanging from a building's roof.

Now that your gutter system is up and running and ready for any weather conditions, you can relax, but not for too long. Remember to keep your gutter system properly maintained throughout the year to keep it functional. Ideally, you should get on a ladder and have a look every three months or so for a thorough inspection. 

Keep a close eye on any signs of leakage or clogging, especially after a harsh weather spell. Any minor damages such as holes should be repaired and patched up immediately to avoid a major break. You can even consider gutter maintenance systems for upkeep. 

Parting thoughts

Now that you have gone through what our gutter experts have to say, we hope you are better equipped to design, build and upkeep your gutter system. Remember to keep an eye on them all year round, and you will not face any major trouble. 

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